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    Top Christmas Party Dresses to Kickstart the Festive Season

    The holiday season is officially here. You probably have invites to attend various parties, and all you want for Christmas are some Christmas party dresses. When it comes to holiday dresses, you do not want to feel out of place or unfashionable. The task of choosing what dress to wear to which party can be challenging but luckily the A-list celebrities give you ideas and set the trends for you to copy. Try one of the key holiday dress styles, and you are guaranteed to be the best dressed at any party this year. Party dresses trending this year If you are looking for inspiration for the best holiday dresses below…

  • Christmas Spirit

    Top 14 Ideas for Sharing a Christmas Spirit with The Family

    Time is flying fast. Christmas time is here again, but your family might not be feeling its magic yet. Your kids at home for the holidays and you do not want them to get bored. Get them into the holiday spirit by establishing some traditions and activities you can all do together. These activities can be done either outdoor or indoor depending on the weather conditions in your city during this season. Below are some Christmas ideas that will help get your family into the proper mood.   1. Watching Christmas movies for kids together A movie marathon might just be what your family needs. Although you might have viewed…

  • natural shampoo recipes

    Natural Homemade Shampoo Recipes for Shiny Hair

    Who doesn’t want to flaunt shiny, great-looking hair? Having dull hair can be very frustrating, and many women and men are always on the lookout for the best shampoos available. Unfortunately, there are numerous brands on the market, however, one can never be too sure which ones do not contain toxic ingredients. It is time to stop buying the shampoos and hair products and make your own shampoos that are all natural and most importantly chemical free. Why use homemade shampoo? The shampoo is usually made of various ingredients many of which are quite harsh and strip the hair of its natural oils which leaves it dry and dull. Many of…

  • signs of labor

    It’s Better to Know! 8 Signs Labor Is Near

    Finally! Your baby is nearly here. It has been a long nine months, and you are already yearning to hold your newborn in your arms. Many expectant women usually know their expected due date but as it happens in most cases your baby might not come on the exact date but, come earlier or later than expected. Due to this unpredictability, it’s common for most of us to fail to identify the signs that labor is coming soon and hence you become surprised when the contractions start. The symptoms before labor begins are different from one woman to the other and even in various births, and sometimes an expectant mom…

  • DisneyWorld-Mommystips

    How to Plan Your Best Disney World Vacation

    If you are looking for the best destination for your family vacation, then Walt Disney World is the place to go. Last summer I took my family on a Disney World vacation for the first time, and all I can say is we had the best experience of our lives. It is a combination of four theme parks located in Bay Lake, near Orlando, in the State of Florida. It turns out that summer might be one of the best times to go to Disney World. However, there’s never a dull moment in Disney and every season has its attractions. Well, except when you go there without making plans prior.…

  • work

    Mothers – Entrepreneurs! How to Make Money From Home

    Becoming a mom is a beautiful thing. However, not many mothers can afford the luxury to stay home with their kids, so if you are a stay at home mom (SAHM) consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, such moms are not spared from harsh opinions, with some considering them lazy or they aren’t contributing to the society. Mothers are some of the most hardworking women out there. You have to cater to all your family needs and hardly have any time for yourself. Add on to that all those who think that yours is not a ‘real job’ because you don’t get paid. You probably had to quit your job and your…

  • Baby games

    11 Fun Baby Games for Early Development

    Your baby is finally here. After the early weeks of your child’s life, your newborn begins to be more wakeful and more interested in the world around him/her. Baby’s playtime is not just fun and games; it also provides the perfect opportunity to boost early childhood development. The games for such a young age do not have to be complicated because infants are easy to please. Below are some fun games for babies that are very effective in your child’s brain development while at the same time strengthening the bond between the two of you while having fun. For 0 – 3 months olds At this age, your baby spends most…

  • men love breasts

    Men Love Your Perfect Boobs

    Our biggest dignity, leverage, and an issue at the same time. Big ones, small ones men adore them, even more than you do. It happens quite often when men are talking to a woman that their eyes drift southwards towards her chest. Traditionally, it has always been assumed that men only like women with big breasts, but this has since changed, and it is time we realized that men don’t look at our breasts the way we think they do. And no matter whether you are happy with your size and shape or not, men still like them. So let’s take a look about all that might bother you. Perfect size Breast shapes,…

  • exercise addiction

    Thin People – Exercise addiction?

    Do not get me wrong, I’m also skinny. But more and more often I begin to notice in the gym frantically losing weight ladies, on which it’s already becoming sad to watch. Therefore, this article has matured. We all know that sport, fitness, and exercises are good. But is it really so? A variety of girls in pursuit of an ideal body go over the top. Their major desire and question is how to get thin and there is no matter what reflection they see in the mirror. I support such point of view that it is better not to train than to overtrain. Short charging is sometimes more useful…

  • relationships

    How To Attract Your Husband Sexually Year After Year

    A lot of couples claim to be as attracted to each other as they were when they first got married. However, for most others enjoying intimate moments with each other as they used to may become a challenge as the years go. You probably have kids to tend to and a job to get to; hence your relationship takes second place. The most intimacy you enjoy is a peck on the cheek as your husband leaves for work or sometimes even that is not there. Sex and other non-sexual touching are essential for a good marriage. Having sex with the same person year after year can turn into a routine…