• Signs of pregnancy

    Am I Pregnant? 11 Early Signs of Pregnancy

    Finding out that you are expecting a baby may be the beginning of a beautiful, remarkable experience. Am I pregnant? Am sure many of us have asked ourselves this question now and again. Sometimes, you might mistake the early signs of pregnancy with PMS(Premenstrual Syndrome). And got a surprise a few months later when your condition becomes evident to everyone. So, let’s consider, how can you identify your gestation.   1. Missed or late period  How do women know they are going to become mothers? When do pregnancy symptoms start? They can begin as early as a week after conception. If you used to regular periods, a missed period may be among…

  • Obstacles after giving birth

    Greatest Obstacles Faced by New Mom After Giving Birth

    Baby delivery is a huge step and the beginning of a new path. Your new baby is a cute little bundle of joy. At this point, you are probably in awe that you can make another human being. Even so, the days and weeks after labor and delivery can be tough. Your body has been and is still going through a lot. Having a baby is no joke. You have passed through all stages of labor, and now your body begins to get back to its non-pregnant position, you will have to experience some changes. As with all your pregnancies, each postpartum experience will be different. In fact, no two…

  • Parenting Classes

    9 Signs You Need Parenting Classes

    Being a parent is not an easy job. I’m sure you agree. As a parent, you hold power to mold your child into the kind of person you want them to become when they grow up. Good parenting leads to kids who grow up to be responsible and well-behaved adults. Nonetheless, so many children are turning out bad despite you thinking you made your best efforts to raise them right. Taking parenting classes does not mean you are a terrible parent. They help you bring your child up better by helping you understand your role in your kid’s life. The classes help you become the best parent you can be.…

  • beautiful pregnant woman

    Stay Stunning During Pregnancy With Top 15 Beauty Tips

    Being pregnant is an amazing experience for any woman. However, your body undergoes a lot of changes and there are times you feel self-conscious about how your look. As the pregnancy progresses, you may feel as big as a house. Whenever you are worried that pregnancy is making you lose your looks, always remember that it is happening for a good reason. If you need a boost to feel better about your body, here are some beauty tips for you to know how to look pretty while pregnant.   Improve wardrobe Your pregnancy wardrobe is very important, not only for staying pretty but for being comfortable. Choosing the right maternity…

  • food

    Pregnancy Diet Plan: Essentials for Future Moms

    Pregnancy maybe is the most amazing thing but also the scariest ever happen to you, especially if it’s your first time. You are worried about many things including your nutrition and what it is doing to your baby. You can notice that your appetite is heightened, and unfortunately, most of us end up giving in to the cravings, and munch on unhealthy foods which results in gaining too much weight. If you want to deliver a healthy baby, watching your diet is a must. Nonetheless, dieting while you are waiting for a child does not involve using the celebrity-endorsed diets because such diets are designed for weight loss and are not safe…