• exercise addiction

    Thin People – Exercise addiction?

    Do not get me wrong, I’m also skinny. But more and more often I begin to notice in the gym frantically losing weight ladies, on which it’s already becoming sad to watch. Therefore, this article has matured. We all know that sport, fitness, and exercises are good. But is it really so? A variety of girls in pursuit of an ideal body go over the top. Their major desire and question is how to get thin and there is no matter what reflection they see in the mirror. I support such point of view that it is better not to train than to overtrain. Short charging is sometimes more useful…

  • relationships

    How To Attract Your Husband Sexually Year After Year

    A lot of couples claim to be as attracted to each other as they were when they first got married. However, for most others enjoying intimate moments with each other as they used to may become a challenge as the years go. You probably have kids to tend to and a job to get to; hence your relationship takes second place. The most intimacy you enjoy is a peck on the cheek as your husband leaves for work or sometimes even that is not there. Sex and other non-sexual touching are essential for a good marriage. Having sex with the same person year after year can turn into a routine…