About me

Hi there! Let’s begin to rock. I’m Tata, a crazy mother, an adventurer day and night and a blogger recently. I am a Bulgarian native living in  New Jersey for about 10 years, with my husband and son. Some time ago I found myself at a crossroads. I tried to be perfect in all aspects of my life. Ok, maybe not perfect but at least good enough. So, I started to investigate possibilities on how to be a beautiful woman, interesting for your man, with own outlook, happy, super mom, wife, and meantime enjoy your life? This was a trigger of Mommys Tips blog was born. In a nutshell, it is all about my discoveries, knowledge, and thoughts.

What do you need to know about me?

  • I’m 29 and happily married
  • I can not sit around, always thirst for travel experiences
  • Now I think about getting a dog
  • My hobbies include being a super mom (of course), cooking, doing weird stuff with my kid, vacationing with my family, bike riding and reading psychology researches
  • I love my husband and son, they are even crazier than I am
  • Simply adore Starbucks where I usually drinking coffee while plotting my next article

I write about what matters and share my experience. So, the focus of many of my blogs is mainly on parenting, relationships, wellness, and health. I believe that family our main treasure, but the world of a woman shouldn’t end on it. It’ s a world of choices and opportunities and we can do anything we want without harm to relationships, family or work. Hope that my articles would be interesting and helpful, and maybe even affect one’s outlook. For someone who wants to know me closer, it is only worth reading my blog. It’s about me, my opinion, my researches and knowledge and is based on real events from my life.

So, stay connected and be happy.