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Boy or Girl? Chinese Gender Predictor for Most Eager

News about you are mom-to-be is quite exciting, but what is even more exciting is to know who you’re carrying, boy or girl. Gender prediction is one the biggest obsessions of the future moms. Most parents are always eager to determine the accurate sex of their babies since the first signs of pregnancy. Fortunately, Chinese gender calendar has become sought-after forecast tools around, at least by superstitious mothers. While Ultrasound can confirm the pregnancy and its age, it can offer answer only from the second trimester. Curiosity, on the other hand,  doesn’t hold, and then moms turn for help to baby gender prediction.

A peep into the backward of the ancient Chinese birth chart

One of the best kept Chinese secrets is the baby prediction chart. This ancient baby predictor was founded on theI Ching” which literarily means the book record of changes. There are 5 elements that set the foundation for this baby calculator. These elements are the “Ying and the Yan”, and they also base it on the 8 diagram formations. According to the legend, the famous traditional gender teller is over 300 years old. The ancient monastery of the Qing still relies on this mode of prediction, especially for the selection of gender for all royal babies. There is another account that shows that they found the ancient Chinese birth calendar in a royal tomb. However, there is no scientific proof for this.

There is another investigative report that revealed how this predictive tool was invented approximately 700 years ago. It’s believed to have been handed down as a blueprint in a royal tomb. It offers a column where the age of the mother is added alongside the date of fertilization. The calendar convert these numbers into the lunar calendar when the mother got pregnant. And provide information on the gender of the baby. Those that still practice the Astrology in the ancient Asian tradition believe that this baby calendar will do a great job in discerning what gender your baby will likely come.

How does the Chinese calendar gender works?

Considering that even western medical practices refuse to grant the exact results on your boy or girl test until a 20-week anatomy scan, this predictor may be a good option for you. If the question ‘am I having a boy or girl’ does not give you peace and makes you more curious from day to day. In such case, the Chinese gender chart will help to know what to start stockpiling – the pink girly clothing or the blue male pieces of stuff. The Chinese Lunar calendar has some variables that act like conception calculator. It will calculate the gender of your baby within a few seconds and will provide your answer.

You can use the gender calculator in three simple steps if you use online tools:

  • Just enter the conceiving month
  • Enter mothers age, as at the time of impregnation
  • And click on thePredict” button

Or just look at the picture below and at the intersection of the lines of age and the conception month there will be a result. If you’re 27 and the test indicated two strips on the January, baby sex predictor shows a strong probability of having a female child. And July, August, September, and October the gender test chart shows a high possibility of having a male child.

Chinese Gender Chart Mommystips

Unfortunately, this predictor does not have a chart or make predictions for twin babies.

Is the conception calculator accurate?

Despite questionable origins, the ancient gender chart maintains some level of accuracies. While some believed the baby gender predictor is nearly 90% precise, most people will say the probability is always 50%. Mathematical researches on this birth chart have not validated these probabilities. But fewer people who have to dig down further into the reliability of this predictor will tell you that its accuracy is as low as 5% and may be as high as over 54%. This means that when can you tell the sex of a baby the gender chart or calendar probably doesn’t show. And it is as reliable as the toss of a coin. So, it’s up to you believe it or not.

The chart is established on the Lunar calendar, and many momstobe believe in it. But there is no scientific evidence for its accuracy. If you cant wait for the second trimester for the ultrasound test conducted, which determines almost for sure the sex of the baby, its a pretty good way.


In conclusion, the Chinese gender predictor chart can be a fun way of predicting the gender your baby will take. Especially on a particular date of birth. There is no evidence on its accuracy on predicting the gender of twins, triplets, and all other multiple births. It has however helped a lot of mothers worldwide to incorporate some fun into the way they manage their pregnancy. And avoid a sort of surprise during childbirth. For a more accurate result, the expert suggests mothers wait until the second trimester to go for ultrasound tests. That will provide a much clearer and more reliable gender prediction. Many mothers still believe that gender predictor calculator is a superstition.

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