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    FAQ About Pregnant Sex + Safe Positions

    A miracle happened, you are pregnant! How many new questions and experiences are now in mother’s and father’s mind. And sex is one them. A woman has to endure a huge number of changes during pregnancy, and not only with the body. Frequently women’s habits change, emotional swings, absentmindedness, and morning sicknesses in varying degrees as a bonus. In addition, if a couple used to have troubles in conceiving, the question of having sex or not emerges. So, let’s answer most common questions moms-to-be are worried about. Can You Have Sex During Pregnancy? Women having sex is a natural and normal part of pregnancy. Sex during the first trimester is…

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    Top 14 Ideas for Sharing a Christmas Spirit with The Family

    Time is flying fast. Christmas time is here again, but your family might not be feeling its magic yet. Your kids at home for the holidays and you do not want them to get bored. Get them into the holiday spirit by establishing some traditions and activities you can all do together. These activities can be done either outdoor or indoor depending on the weather conditions in your city during this season. Below are some Christmas ideas that will help get your family into the proper mood.   1. Watching Christmas movies for kids together A movie marathon might just be what your family needs. Although you might have viewed…

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    How To Attract Your Husband Sexually Year After Year

    A lot of couples claim to be as attracted to each other as they were when they first got married. However, for most others enjoying intimate moments with each other as they used to may become a challenge as the years go. You probably have kids to tend to and a job to get to; hence your relationship takes second place. The most intimacy you enjoy is a peck on the cheek as your husband leaves for work or sometimes even that is not there. Sex and other non-sexual touching are essential for a good marriage. Having sex with the same person year after year can turn into a routine…