Top Christmas Party Dresses to Kickstart the Festive Season

The holiday season is officially here. You probably have invites to attend various parties, and all you want for Christmas are some Christmas party dresses. When it comes to holiday dresses, you do not want to feel out of place or unfashionable. The task of choosing what dress to wear to which party can be challenging but luckily the A-list celebrities give you ideas and set the trends for you to copy. Try one of the key holiday dress styles, and you are guaranteed to be the best dressed at any party this year.

Party dresses trending this year

If you are looking for inspiration for the best holiday dresses below are some that are trending this season and should already be in your closet.

Red dresses

Of course, your little black dress is great for parties. However, wearing a red dress to a Christmas party can turn everyone’s head. Not only is red one of the most festive colors but it also makes you stand out. You can totally steal Selena Gomez and Rochelle Humes’ style. If you are shopping for the perfect cocktail party attire, you should consider the wide selection of petite cocktail dresses from Alex Evenings or Tahari ASL.


Selena Gomez(Left), Rochelle Humes(Middle) and Kendall Jenner (Right) in red party dresses.

Image source: Capital FM

Holiday-themed dresses

Many of the parties you will be attending will most probably have a theme. If you are attending a 1920s-themed event, then a Great Gatsby inspired holiday party dress will be your best choice. If you want a retro look, there are many vintage shops you could check out.

A Great Gatsby Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

Sequin dresses

Life’s too short to be spent being a wallflower. It is time for you to shine. Stepping out in a sequined dress will be perfect for partying all the way into the new year. After all, it wouldn’t be a Christmas party when there’s no smattering of sequins. Who doesn’t want to look as sexy and elegant as Sarah Hyland was at the Golden Globes after party in a black backless sequin evening dress? However, if being sparky isn’t your style, you could still look stunning turning up in a white bodycon midi. Macy’s has a huge collection of such dresses, take a look.


Sarah Hyland attending the Golden Globes 2018

Image Source: Getty Images

Tea length dresses

Frocks that fall above the ankle but slightly below the knee have been trending for a while now. These tea length dresses are not exempted during this holiday season. They make you look more sophisticated and ladylike. Although they may seem more conservative, they are more festive than mini dresses. When attending that end-of-year office party, showing up in a tea length dress will capture everyone’s attention. Nicole Kidman made a furor on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet 2017, fortunately, since then trend on such dresses is only increasing and you will be on the crest of a wave.

Nicole Kidman tea length dress Calvin Klein

Image source: Pinterest

Modern glamor

Are you finding it difficult to decide what to wear to that cocktail party, you’ve been invited? There is no shortage of designer cocktail dresses to choose from. You could spend the evening with a sexy dress from Michael Kors collection, or if you are feeling fancy, you could twirl around the Christmas tree in a gorgeous velvet dress. It’s a striking choice for such occasion on the calendar. This tiered dress is constructed from velvet with lustrous piping. Now is not the time to be restrained especially with such an immense choice of dresses presented online.


Michael Kors Tiered Velvet Dress

Image Source: Michael Kors

Choose women’s party dresses according to your shape

Can you count how many times you thought a specific dress looked great when you saw it through the store window but didn’t look that great when you tried it on? Don’t be discouraged. There is nothing wrong with your body; it’s just that the clothes you tried on were not suited for your body shape. To avoid such problems in the future, below are some tips on how to choose dresses according to your body shape. Remember that whichever clothes you choose should highlight your best features. Plus, to look stunning at any party don’t forget about beauty tips first of all.

Apple-shaped women

When choosing Christmas dresses, choose those that draw attention from your waist. A-line and wrap dresses will look great on you. Create curves by wearing a belt just below your bust rather than at the waist. You can copy Adele’s excellent taste or Queen Latifah’s style when shopping.

Pear-shaped women

Since your upper body is significantly smaller than the bottom, put on accessories such as necklaces and scarves to balance your figure. For a more flattering look, look for dresses that highlight your small waist while at the same time reducing the hip and thigh area.

Hourglass-shaped women

If you possess an hourglass shape like Beyonce, highlighting your curves by looking for dresses that draw attention to your waist, bust and hips will make you the hottest in the party.


Rectangular-shaped women

Don’t lose confidence if you do not have natural curves. You can use your clothes and accessories to create them. Wrap and empire waist dresses are your best choice. Wear a belt to accentuate your waist. Kohl’s has dropped a variety of ruffle wrap mini dresses you could choose from this season.

Inverted triangle

Many models and actresses such as Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore have this body shape, and it is one of the most coveted. Since your upper body is bigger than the lower part, avoid clothes that have shoulder padding, short sleeves or tapered skirts. Draw attention from your shoulders by putting on dresses that have vertical lines or a V neckline. Wear flared dresses to accentuate your waist.

How to save on holiday party clothes

This holiday season you will need to travel home, buy gifts and other expenses that will all drain your pockets. Your calendar might be full of invites to cocktail soirees, and you will need to invest in some cute Christmas outfits. You do not have to go bankrupt when buying clothes. You could shop in thrift stores instead of department stores to find more affordable clothing. If you like shopping online on stores like eBay, Bebe, and Lulus, be on the lookout for promotional codes, coupons as well as daily deals before purchasing.

  • Save on some core pieces

Most of these Christmas dresses for women will only be worn a few times, thus there it makes no sense for you to purchase something expensive. Although they may seem costly, stores such as Target and Marshall’s stock some beautiful and glittery dresses that are quite affordable. You can also find cheap Christmas outfits at Goodwill and on some second-hand stores for as low as $20.

  • Save on accessories

Accessories can break or make your outfit. When attending a holiday party, you want your bag and jewellery to stand out. Walmart and Target provide a wide selection of inexpensive accessories. Read on for pointers on how you can make your combinations.


  • If you will wear your hair down, a sequined clutch looks great when combined with a long, simple necklace.
  • If your dress is backless, put on statement Chandelier earrings and couple them with a satin clutch.
  • For a party dress with a deep neckline, carrying a mini bag and wearing a wide statement necklace will nail the look.


Final words

Although you want to step out in designer clothing like celebrities, shopping for holiday dresses shouldn’t drain your pockets. You can still be the hottest woman in the party without going into debt. Be careful not to splurge on a very expensive outfit that you might only get to wear once. Choose clothes that you can still wear after the holiday season. And shine like a diamond.

Happy Holidays!

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