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What Free Baby Stuff Expecting Mom Can Get Right Now and How?

Babies change your life in a very wonderful way. If you are expecting one, you might have felt the changing experience since day one. However, today, childcare is can be quite expensive with sources indicating that one can spend up to 12 thousand dollars per child. They require several diaper changes in a day and the best brands are costly. Feeding them is another expensive exercise, so to cover the costs of raising babies, parents have to go to a serious expense or tighten their belts. Luckily, some brands have contrived a lot of totally free baby stuff that can save you a ton of money, especially when you are running on a tight budget. Most of them do this to convert new parents into loyal clients. So, below you will find the saviors of your budget, free baby stuff for expecting mothers with instructions for receiving them.

1. Create a baby registry

This gives you a variety of incentives from stores like Target, Amazon, and Walmart and many other companies. You can get discounts, an opportunity to buy stuff lower prices or a welcome gift bag. Through these online registries, moms stand to get free samples and discounted rates when they buy items for babies from the stores. You should try these baby registries.

  • Target Baby Registry

The main and only requirement for parents to get Target rewards is to create a baby registry with the store. As soon as you create it, you are given handpicked samples for $100 worth. In addition, you will also get a 15% discount after you reach 32 weeks pregnant. You will be required to collect your kit individually at the local Target Gift Registry because they don’t reward free baby samples by mail.

  • Walmart Gift Registry

If you want to get free baby essentials, welcome box, and coupons codes for purchases, all you need is just sign up for the Walmart Gift Registry. After you pay the shipping charges, you will get a free Walmart baby box and other stuff directly to your front door.

  • Amazon Baby Registry

Email newsletters on available deals, tips on parenthood, as well as recommendations on the items to use are some of the incentives you will get when you create an Amazon baby registry. Furthermore, a 10% discount is offered on the items in your registry if you are 7 months along. If you have Amazon Prime, there are some extra advantages such as a 15% discount on items such as diapers, baby food, shipping, or an Amazon baby box.

  • Buy Buy Baby Registry

You get a goody bag of samples once you sign up for this. Apart from that, expectant mothers will also receive a 15% discount for registry completion. A few weeks to delivery, the store gives you 10% off of what is left on your registry.

  • Babylist

It offers gifts that you will not find anywhere else. Create a Babylist account and receive unique gifts that will make it easy for you to take care of your baby. Babylist members share baby care essentials like meals, baby gear, rattles to console your nestling and other items that parents need in everyday use.

  • Baby Box University

Most newbies do not know much about kids. This baby registry provides new parents with free online courses. Once you complete them you are awarded. Inspired by the amazing Finland Baby Boxes, Baby Box University offers free baby boxes to parents in California who sign up for their courses and baby subscription box. The box includes baby goodies such as diapers and milk storage bags. When empty, the box can be used as a safe bed for a baby to sleep.

  • Enfamil Family

An expectant mum shouldn’t ignore registering with this one. The company is very generous with gifts and with joining Enfamil Family Beginnings you can expect to receive freebies all through your young one’s toddler years. Some of the gifts offered include baby formula and coupon codes.

  • Noobie Box

The Noobie Box is a pregnancy goodie box that comes with unpaid stuff for expectant mothers. With this box, moms receive diapers, baby ointment, and pacifiers and all they have to do is pay the $6.95 shipping fee.

2. Free formula

Parents need a lot of baby formula for their growing babies. Especially for single mothers who frequently lose their breast milk due to stress. Given how expensive baby formula can be, knowing where to get free baby formula samples will be great and will ensure you give your baby the nutrients they need. Sign up with such companies as it is not only economical but you will also find out the formula your baby likes.

free baby formula

  • Nestle Baby Formula

Sign up for Nestle Baby Club for their free samples and other amazing deals. New members get free formula sent to them as a welcome gift.

  • Enfamil

The Enfamil Family Beginnings Club offers its member free gifts to the tune of $400 and the chance to get a free baby formula for one year. Members also receive free formula samples for their babies.

  • Gerber

Garber offers its members with coupons that help them get discounted baby formula. To get these baby deals, members need to be part of the MyGerber program.

3. Free Baby Diapers

Diapers are a staple requirement for newborns, and they can be pricey. A study by Investopedia found out that new parents spend over 550 dollars on diapers alone. An easy way to reduce the budget is to get as many free diaper samples as you can. Today, many companies offer free diapers and shampoos. Let’s take a look at the most famous ones.

honest dipers

  • Huggies Rewards

Collect points when you buy Huggies products and redeem the points to get free Huggies diapers. You will not be able to get the rewards without participation.

  • Pampers Rewards

The Pampers Rewards program rewards loyal buyers of pampers products. Collect the Pampers reward codes from the diapers and redeem them to get free diapers, baby bottles, and other products.

  • Honest Company

Honest rewards new members who sign up for their reward program. New members receive a gift box that could contain either free baby diapers, baby wipes, or an essential bundle. You will pay the shipping fee to get the pregnancy freebies delivered to you.

4. Free Baby Clothes & Gear and offer free baby clothes, such as custom baby onesies, Eskimo hats, Ruffle underwear, and many more. All an expectant mom needs to do is to enter a particular coupon code to get them at a reduced price. These will ensure that you are covered since the baby needs plenty of clothes as a result of growth, spills, and spurts. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, at least you can still enjoy free baby stuff for low-income families. So, here some examples of gear offers.

  • Free shoes

Little Wanders is offering free shoes to its members to the tune of $60. Use the code Penny1 when checking out to access the offer. There are a lot of adorable baby shoes to choose from.

  • Free baby leggings has some adorable leggings for your baby. Use the promo code Penny1 and get the leggings for free. All you will have to do is pay the shipping fee.

  • Free Onesies

Your baby will look great and keep warm in onesies. Custom Snappies allows you to get 2 pairs for free when you shop at the store. The sizes available are from 0 to 18 months old.

5. Free baby stuff with coupons

Online stores have baby coupons that you can use to get baby stuff for free. Most of the time you get a free item after purchasing a certain product but there are instances when you will get goods for your baby without paying for anything. Check your Sunday newspaper for coupon codes for baby stuff or on online coupon listings.

You can get free things for your little one by looking for an online store that has coupon codes on their product. You will be required to purchase the product to enjoy the pregnancy freebies. Most of these baby coupons are advertised in the local newspaper or online. Thus, to get these baby deals, keep an eye on such online store websites and magazine alerts.

6. Other options for free baby samples

Aside from reward programs and registries, there are other places where you can receive a free sample of baby products. These other options include;

  • Ask the healthcare provider for free samples – Many suppliers give pediatricians free samples while trying to gain new customers. They take advantage of the fact that new mothers are likely to trust a recommendation made by their healthcare provider. Remember to ask the pediatrician if he has any free baby products or knows somewhere else you can get them the next time you have an appointment.
  • Baby showers – Celebrating your expected child with friends and relatives grants you to get needed items for your baby as gifts, thus reducing the budget.
  • Get gift cards  – Simply by answering some surveys, you can get the gift cards for baby products or a cashback for shopping. Very easy.
  • Breast milk – Save on the cost spent on buying baby formula, bottles, and cleaning products by breastfeeding your cheeper. It is not only built a better immune system and health your kid but will strengthen bonds between you.
  • Check Reddit, Craigslist, and Facebook groups to get a variety of totally free goods you might need posting by individuals or baby companies.
  • Local nonprofits that deal with childcare issues and low-income families also can help you and give you baby stuff for nothing. Visit your nearest local nonprofit and request some samples.

Over to you!

Caring for your baby or getting ready for their arrival doesn’t have to be a burden. With a little knowledge and effort, you can cut costs significantly. Always be on the lookout for free goods by signing up for text alerts from your baby registry or an online store to get the offers as soon as they go live.

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