Obstacles after giving birth

Greatest Obstacles Faced by New Mom After Giving Birth

Baby delivery is a huge step and the beginning of a new path. Your new baby is a cute little bundle of joy. At this point, you are probably in awe that you can make another human being. Even so, the days and weeks after labor and delivery can be tough. Your body has been and is still going through a lot. Having a baby is no joke. You have passed through all stages of labor, and now your body begins to get back to its non-pregnant position, you will have to experience some changes. As with all your pregnancies, each postpartum experience will be different. In fact, no two women share the same experiences. These changes and learning to care for your little one will not be easy. Here are a few things you can expect after your delivery.

Friendship challenges

You know how you always had many girlfriends before you got pregnant? Well, after you announce your pregnancy, they will give you distance. They will be interested, for sure, how to deliver a baby and how painful is childbirth. However, once the baby arrives, you will lose contact with the majority of them. For the most part, it is because you will no longer have enough time to care for your baby and go out with your friends. If you do have time, you will probably be too exhausted to stay up all night. This is the reason why most people with children only have friends who also have kids.

Relationship with your spouse

Even if your husband is the most supportive man in the world, the new role will be strenuous. Most new moms assume that having a baby will strengthen their bonds with their spouses, however, they end up fighting more. You need to understand that there is a huge amount of stress involved once you bring your baby home. It will need care and love 24/7. The household chores will increase, you will need money to keep the baby comfortable. Your husband will probably be feeling more pressure than ever to succeed at work and provide for their families. All these will make the mood at home anything but romantic and fuzzy. You need to realize that you are both doing the best you can. Support each other and take turns watching the baby so all of you can get enough rest. This will make it easier for you and will strengthen your bond as a couple.

Going back to work

Doctors highly recommend that you wait at least 12 weeks before going to work. This is mostly because your stitches, if any, need to have healed completely. However, that is not really the toughest part. As a mother, after 12 weeks, you have already bonded with your child. Leaving them for work will be the most difficult thing you will ever do. Sitting in a room and breast pumping for your young one will have you question a lot of things. Being a working mom will be tough every day, but it up to you whether to become a Stay at Home Mom or not.

You will feel and look fat

When you read your magazines or watch the TV, you will see tons of celebrity moms who bounced back to their pre-pregnancy bodies in what seems to be less than a week. So you will feel tempted to squeeze your post baby body into some of your old clothes. You will feel frustrated that they don’t fit. And it’s not about you gain too much weight during pregnancy, just your body has changed. This may affect your self-esteem and you may even get depressed which will increase the tension at home and will affect your baby. Know that while there are mothers who lose weight fast, they are in the minority. You will take at least one year to get back to your before pregnancy shape and even then, you will have to work extra hard for it. Even those who do lose weight fast may be shocked to find that they are morphed in other ways. You will have varicose veins, your hips will be wide, and your hair may fall out. It will be a tough time. Remind yourself that this too shall pass.

Sex after baby

You may have had a great sex life even through your pregnancy. However once your baby is out, things will change. Doctors do not recommend having sex for up to six weeks after delivery. You also need to prepare yourself emotionally and physically for sexual activity. Even C- section moms experience discomfort during sex. It may even be painful for up to 3 months after delivery. This is often as a result of the decrease in estrogen in the body which causes your vagina to be unusually dry. To make things better for yourself and your partner, consider using water-based lubricants. You may also find that you are less interested in sex which may be because of the physical exhaustion and the emotional changes you are going through. Give it time and communicate these feelings to your spouse because they are often temporary.

Hormonal imbalances

Many women experience baby blues. Your hormonal levels will fluctuate during the weeks after birth. This will often cause you to feel excessive hunger, angry and overwhelmed. The moodiness and dealing with depression are normal and will go away after a few weeks. However, if you notice that you are having a tough time bonding with your child and have severe depression, visit your doctor.

Vaginal bleeding

Immediately after your child is born, your womb begins to contract. By doing so, it also begins to shed its wall, much like it does when you are on your regular periods. So the first postpartum issue most first-time mothers are unprepared for is the period that begins immediately. The bleeding will be heavy in the first week and it may gradually slow down. However light or intermittent bleeding will continue for up to six weeks. If you experience recurrent heavy bleeding or clotting that has a foul smell, you will have to visit the doctor.

Sore nipples

Sure, your breasts may have been sensitive throughout your pregnancy, but after birth, both your breasts and nipples will be sore. This is often because your baby is learning to latch and suckle and your milk is coming in plenty. This will go away during the first week. You can reduce this soreness by feeding your little one often so that he is less hungry. You also need to pat your breasts after feeding to dry them. This will also help with engorged breasts.

Skin issues

You probably know that hormonal imbalances are not great for your skin. So, you may, experience more breakouts after your baby arrives. In addition, there may be varicose veins and stretch marks on your belly, back, hips and sometimes legs. You will have to find products that will help reduce their impact. In the meantime, celebrate yourself. It is tough bringing a person into the world.

Nonetheless, all these issues are temporary and after all, you’ll pass this through. But loving eyes and hugging hands will remain with you to give real happiness.

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