Full Guide to Types of Lingerie for Gorgeous Women

We all are different, but all are stunning and one of a kind! So whom should we love and pamper in the first place as not ourselves? Chic lingerie is one of the things every woman needs, and it should suit you underlining your winning side, despite possible figure flaws. And, consequently, you have to see into it.

We will examine what type of lingerie best suits your body type, where to wear it or where to buy it. Depending on the proportion of your shoulders, waist, and hips, your body shape can be classified in any of these five categories: apple, rectangle, pear, inverted triangle or hourglass shape. Numerous types of lingerie will fit and make you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful no matter what. If you still didn’t know the difference between lingerie and underwear, don’t be shy. What undergarments are categorized as lingerie?

Lingerie vs underwear

Not all underwear is lingerie. Although you wear both under other clothes, they serve different purposes. While regular underwear is useful for its functionality, you wear lingerie for its design and aesthetics. Some lingerie is sleepwear while others are a part of a woman’s everyday outfit. Due to the intricate design and fabric used ranging from silk, satin, laces to lycra, lingerie is known to be expensive.

This article will discuss all types of lingerie and what body shape type or occasion they fit well. You will get tips on the best brands, their average price and where you can buy them.


Types of lingerie: All you need to know

  1. Matching sets

Matching Sets MommystipsThese comprise lingerie sets of matching bras and panties. Attire looks very sexual, to my mind, and grabs attention to the whole body, rather than focusing on one specific feature. These are suitable for all body types as they give you that feminine and flirty look and make your shopping experience easier.

The best brands for this sexy underwear are Victoria’s Secrets and Mark & Spencer. But the majority of brands have such sets, you can choose on your taste. You can find these at Adore Me at as low as $24.95.

  1. Garter belt

Garter beltThis is a seductive thick belt with four straps that attach and hold your thigh-length stocking tight. If you have an hourglass-shaped body, this is perfect for you. It emphasizes your waist-line and is excellent if you want to tease your man and turn up the heat in your bedroom.

Maison Close – a French brand makes unbelievable garter belts. But you can find them closer, Journelle is one of the best for this type of lingerie. Garter belt sets are available here at the cost of $48 to $315 depending on the fabric.

  1. Corset

Corset MpmmystipsThis tight garment extends from your chest to your hips. Corset tops are vintage lingerie that works well in shaping your figure by reducing your waist to achieve an hourglass body. Underbust corset is not only suitable for hourglass bodies but also to other shapes because it has laces for adjustment. It enhances your figure for the former and camouflages any unwanted curves for the later.

The best lingerie brands for corsets are Victoria’s Secret, Adore Me, Cadolle – famous Paris studio, because they produce quality spicy lingerie. Their products are available in many shops and online, but the most popular is Adore Me where you will get one at an average price of $79.50.

  1. Bustiers

Bustiers MommystipsSimilar to a corset, bustiers are worn to enhance your figure by reducing the size of the waist to produce an hourglass figure. Bustiers use corset-like tie laces that tighten the waistline. They can also act as a push-up bra by uplifting the breast to give you fuller round boobs.

While a corset is an undergarment worn beneath the sheer dress, bustiers can be worn as tops or designed as a bustier dress. Bustier tops are suitable for women with a small chest. Hourglass and rectangle figures look stunning in bustiers as well.

Consider such brands for purchasing bustiers Bare Necessities, Victoria’s Secret, Figleaves and Bustiers are available at Macy’s for as low as $52.

  1. Teddy

Teddy MommystipsTeddy lingerie is similar to a bikini. It is a one-piece bathing suit in a pleasurable combination of a bra and panty. It is available in different types of fabric including lace, leather, satin, and lycra. Teddy is suitable for hourglass and rectangle figures. It is mostly worn for playtime in the bedroom due to its sheer and transparent nature.

The best lingerie teddy brands are Victoria’s Secrets, Yandy and Calvin Klein. However, if you are looking for a quality, cheap lingerie, Bare Necessities got you covered with prices of $18 to $51.

  1. Negligee

Negligee Mommystips

It is sexy dress-like lingerie usually made of sheer, light fabric thus worn while indoors. For me, it’s daintier, flirtier and more femininity alternative to your fluffy dressing gown. It is suitable for all body shapes and can be worn on top of other types of lingerie.

Find the best at Fredricks of Hollywood shops at an average price of $15.50 and take a look at huge Lascana collection at the cost starting from $29.

  1. Nightgown

Nightgown MpmmystipsMade of cotton, silk, satin or nylon, they are flimsy, soft and sensual. They vary in design from short, long, backless to sleeveless. I’m pretty sure that every girl should own a couple of these at least to feel its comfort if not for more, for seducing your man for instance. It complements well with the hourglass, inverted triangle, and apple figure women.

Miss Elaine, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan have a huge choice of such underwear. You can get some at Macy’s or Her Room for as low as $27.

  1. Babydoll

Babydoll MommystipsIt is short erotic lingerie that exposes your legs and also the bust for some. Babydoll gowns are worn in bed. They are excellent for women with inverted triangle figures but looks good on other shapes as well. Straps delicate your shoulders, while the flying skirt balancing your lower half. Black and red ones are especially sexy.

Depending on the fabric and design, you can find quality babydolls at Savage X Fenty for $70.40, they have an awesome collection for curvier plus size women. More playful and really ‘dolly’ collection has Victoria Secrets and Lavieenrose.

  1. Camisole

Camisole MommystipsIt is a sexy, strappy tank top that can be worn alone in bed or underneath your clothes as part of your everyday outfits. Women with a rectangle, inverted triangle or apple shape body will look sexy in these types of underwear.

You can get Jockey camisole tops at an average price of $14. It is one of the best brands, and you can also buy one at Selfridges or Bloomingdales, which has a huge variety of brands and collections. Plus, take a look at Fredericks with its Cami and Short Sets.

  1. Chemise

Chemise MommystipsA simple loose fitting short dress made of soft, silk, cotton or satin that hangs straight from shoulders. Chemises are suitable for all body shapes but are more stunning if you have long legs. Whilst pregnancy you still want to be attractive, so when looking for maternity lingerie,  a chemise should be your first choice. If you want to be a bit naughty and slutty, a cupless chemise should be your ideal style.

Get your sexiest chemise from Pour Moi?, Fredricks of Hollywood shops or Figleaves at as low as $18. But if you are looking for something more practical great options have Bodas, Freya for about $40.


  1. Bodystocking

Bodystocking MommystipsIt is a tight garment that covers the whole body from toes up to the neck and down to your arms. They are of sheer fabric or delicate lace and are elastic and mostly very hot. Women with any body type will feel seeded by goddesses in this outfit, but the owners of figures with curves in such underwear will look the best. Bodystockings are worn mostly by ballet and exotic dancers. Or by women who want to diversify their sexual life and surprise your man with an unusual outfit.

Yandy has the best collection of sexiest bodystocking at an average price of $17 as well as Bare Necessities with a cost starting from $20.

  1. Bodysuit

Bodysuit MommystipsIt is a one-piece that covers the torso and neck and might have sleeves. Bodysuits are made from materials such as cotton, lace, and nylon. Most are elastic thus flatter all body shapes. They are different from teddies because they can be worn alone with a trouser or skirt. It flatters all bodies and may look as a playsuit. Highly complementary for women with a rectangle and inverted triangle figures.

Get a high-quality lace bodysuit from Figleaves or Calvin Klein at an average price of $40 or choose something from a sexy collection of Fredricks of Hollywood shops with the cheapest price of $20 for a piece.

  1. Brassiere

Brassiere MommystipsCommonly known as a bra, it’s a must-have type of lingerie worn underneath your clothes. It comes in different styles, cuts, colors and shapes that flatter every woman regardless of their body shape. They range from strapless, bralette, balconette, push-up, bandeau, and sports bras. for petite and women with a small bust, the most winning are bralettes and push-up, which creates the appearance of a fuller bust. Contrary, women with lush breasts look dainty in a supportive, soft bra.

Thirdlove is the most popular brand in the production of quality bras. Shop at any outlet with an average price of $68.

  1. Slip

Slip MommystipsThis garment hangs from the shoulders by straps and covers the body down to the knees. Materials used include nylon, polyester or silk. It is highly complementary for women with an inverted triangle, rectangle and hourglass figures. You can wear a slip beneath a dress or skirt that is transparent. Just imagine how sexy you will feel yourself wearing this.

The best brand for this lingerie is Victoria’s Secret. Depending on the fabric and design of the slip dress, the prices start at $44.50. These slips are available at Cosabella and Adore Me outlet shops and online.

  1. Push up bra

Push-up MommystipsI’m sure you this item in the closet, but I have to write about it as well. That’s a bra type that has extra padding in their cups that push your boobs up making them fuller and bigger. They are excellent for women with small busts because they enhance cleavage.

Almost every lingerie brand produces this type of underwear. So, you have a variety of choices – Wonderbra, Freya, Figleaves, La Perla, Calvin Klaine and so on. It all depends on your budget. Victoria’s Secret push up types of bra price start at $64.95 or get yourself some at Adore Me, Lonely or Thirdlove shops at $45.

  1. Shapewear

Shapewear MommystipsJust as the name suggests, they are body shapers. They enhance your shape by ensuring that your curves appear under your clothing for a confident and fabulous look. Shapewear is an alternative to seamless bras or panties and exist in the form of tummy-tucking shorts, cropped off leotards or full body stockings. Ladies wear such type of lingerie to emphasize curvaceous forms and create a more streamlined figure. They give a trim figure for curvy apple-shaped ladies.

Spanx and Mark & Spencer nude shapewear are available at an affordable price of $20.00. In case you didn’t find the desired model, look at Vedette Store, Woolworths and Macy’s.

  1. Stick on bra

Stick on bra MommystipsDo you have that bareback dress or top you wonder what type of bra to put on and not look messy with straps? Stick on bras solve this problem by literally sticking it on your breasts to provide support and boost your cleavage. They are of different sizes thus suitable for all types of breasts except for busty women. There are some custom bras that let you adjust their size using the drawstring.

Best brands to pay attention to – Figleaves, Fashion Forms, Debenhams, Hunkemoller. So, at Bare Necessities and Macy’s you’ll definitely find any of these at a price starting from $15.


Final Thoughts

Your dilemma is now solved and shopping for the best lingerie that flatters your body type will be a stress-free and exciting expedition. If you are a beginner in this lingerie world, start with baby steps. Fill your wardrobe with basic lingerie such as bras, matching sets, gown, and chemise. See if you feel good, comfortable and confident in them. Depending on your taste, try out more lingerie types from different brands but do not invest in something that you are unsure about. Lingerie is worth every penny because they are meant to indulge you and have spicy night time.


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