How To Attract Your Husband Sexually Year After Year

A lot of couples claim to be as attracted to each other as they were when they first got married. However, for most others enjoying intimate moments with each other as they used to may become a challenge as the years go. You probably have kids to tend to and a job to get to; hence your relationship takes second place. The most intimacy you enjoy is a peck on the cheek as your husband leaves for work or sometimes even that is not there. Sex and other non-sexual touching are essential for a good marriage.

Having sex with the same person year after year can turn into a routine which may result in a husband and wife getting bored with each other. This article will provide some tips on how to attract your husband sexually year after year thus making him fall in love with you all over again.

Initiate sex more often

You have given him all the hints and clues that you need him, and he has not yet caught on. Don’t wait for him to initiate the sex all the time. Be the first to make a move. Men like to know they are desired and wanted; it wouldn’t hurt anything to step up your game and show him that. Learn new ways on how to sexually please a man and surprise him. You might be asking yourself, why do you need to attract your husband sexually? You already got each other, right? Just how important is sex in a relationship? Many couples take sex for granted not knowing that it’s a way for them to get closer emotionally. Couples in a sexless marriage may lack intimacy which could lead to more significant problems later. Make love more often to strengthen your bond with your partner. 

Take care of your appearance

Shallow as this may sound, men are visual creatures. As much as they are attracted to your personality and character, they are also attracted to your physical appearance. A lot of women stop taking care of their face, skin, and body once they get married. Reignite your man’s sexual attraction to you by exercising to keep fit and drink a lot of water. David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage has not thrived so long just by chance. Victoria takes care of her body. She runs every morning and works out with her personal trainer to stay fit and attractive.


happy marriage

Change your wardrobe

Wearing ragged and outdated clothes may be the reason your husband not interested in sex with you anymore. Make your wardrobe more attractive and sexier. However, sexier clothes don’t mean wearing too exposing clothes. It does, however, mean choosing clothes that suit your body type and age. Select clothes that bring out your best features while making you look sexy at the same time. To attract your man, be attractive.

Physical touch

Can you remember the last time you cuddled with your husband or held hands? Being in a relationship for many years, you start to take such things for granted. However, humans are social beings; we are suckers for affection. If your main aim is mostly to increase the connection between the two of you, start by increasing the physical affection you show him. Instead of a peck, why don’t you start the day by kissing and embracing him also, hold hands as you walk? Men love sex, and nonsexual touch may be interpreted for an invitation to make love. All the better for you, right?

Tease talk

It’s not just us women who like listening to the naughty talk; men do too. Whisper in his ear all the things you would want to do to him or would like him to do to you when you are alone. When apart, text him some sexy messages to get him looking forward to it. Through them, you get a chance to make sex confession about your fantasies that you probably wouldn’t be able to make face to face. Talking dirty with your man may be just what you need to spice up your sexual relationship.

Communicate clearly

Communication in any relationship is important. After several years of marriage, a couple may be arguing too much, be dishonest to each other or worse refuse to talk to each other hence bottling things up. These things pile up over the years and distract you from connecting intimately with your partner which may cause the loss of sexual desire leading to a no sex marriage. Women are known to have a good memory of things that happened long ago and holding grudges. Talk to your partner openly about your misgivings and insecurities to restore the intimacy between the two of you and avoid resentment. Emotional intimacy is important in any married man sex life.

Go on a romantic getaway

You become so busy sometimes with the children and the stress from work that you and your husband never get to spend any time alone. Plus, you become emotionally distant from each other as time goes by that you end up feeling like roommates rather than lovers. You are stuck in a relationship without sex. If you haven’t spent time alone for a while, it might be time for you to plan a romantic getaway or go on a trip. You can make it a periodic thing. For instance, you can do it bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. Time away helps maintain the spark in your relationship and restore emotional intimacy. You get the time to talk about important things and do things without distractions. Traveling together improves intimacy in marriage by prioritizing each other and sharing feelings.

sex lifeWear sexy lingerie

As a woman, your body is one of your best assets. Flaunt that body whenever you can and more so when it may be what is needed to fix a marriage. Wearing sexy lingerie will be an automatic turn on for him. If you haven’t invested in sexy underwear before, now may be the time for you to get some. Generally, men are more easily visually stimulated than women. Don’t obsess about your shape. Lingerie looks good on you whatever your shape may be. You only need to be confident and comfortable in your body.

Why is sex important while married? Maintaining a healthy sex life is one of the significant factors required for a happy relationship. It is a way for a couple to stay connected even when the marriage goes through problems. The above tips will help you to improve the sexual compatibility with your partner and keep the fire burning in your relationship year after year. Be unpredictable and surprise him by taking some control in the relationship. You do not have to wait for him to take you out, take him instead. Show him that you appreciate and support him. Lastly, attraction begets attraction, thus show him that you are sexually attracted to him and he will most likely return the feelings.

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