Scientific Background For How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

Most first time parents often find themselves wishing to have a boy as their firstborn. Therefore, ‘I want to have a baby boy,’ is a frequent claim. However, nature always has a different strategy to ensure there is equal opportunity for both female and male children. Even with the assurance that you can either conceive a male or a female, as a parent trying to fulfill your lust for a boy will not go that easily. All you can do is to increase the chances of pregnancy with a desired baby gender. Many theories and myths have been developed to try to explain how parents-to-be can manipulate a child’s gender. The only hassle is that the theories are no guarantees that they will bring fruitful results. So, there is no one answer on how to have a boy. Nevertheless, there is no harm in trying, and you will have fun while at it.

 How to Conceive a Boy

The male reproductive cells contain the Y and X chromosomes, which are instrumental in determining a baby’s gender. The female reproductive cells only produce the X chromosomes; therefore, leaving all the chances to the man as he is responsible for fertilizing the egg. Although conceiving a boy or a girl is a random process depending with the sperm that gets to the egg first, scientist and biologists continue to show theories that can increase the Y chromosome probability of swimming first.

An American biologist, Landrum Shettles, proposes that changing eating habits, using particular sex positions, and timing for boy sex can increase your chances of conception a male child. Although his work that was published in the 60s is receiving critical reviews, his method is the most natural and accessible way of manipulating the sex of a baby. The idea of behind his theory is that although the Y chromosomes move rapidly than the X, its not as strong. Therefore, if you want to conceive a boy, you must create conditions that will favor the Y chromosomes.

To add, writer, and columnist Laura Davis in her bookThe Law of Sex Determination and Its Practical Application’ believes there is an automatic gravity influence on the gender of your child. Therefore, if you sleep facing a particular direction after sex, it will interfere with gender selection.


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Here is how to make a baby boy

Timing is Important

You might be wondering, when is the best time to get pregnant? If you are aiming for a male child, knowing when to get pregnant can be critical. There are higher chances of getting pregnant during ovulation, but the possibilities of getting the desired gender child are not guaranteed. The best time to be expectant with a boy, however, is during or 2 days after ovulation. This is because, during this time, you are more fertile according to the ‘Billing method’, identifying this period is straightforward. You will feel your body producing fluids that make the birth canal slippery or wet. Even if you do not know how to have a baby, this is the main sign that your body knows and is ready for fertilization.

On the other hand, Shettles believes that boy chances are higher if you having sex the day before ovulation or at least 12 hours after. In his theory, you should avoid intercourse sex 2 days before ovulation. However, this theory has been debated on by several philosophers as it is not guaranteed that one can tell exactly when she is ovulating. But if you want to know for sure and choose the best time, use tests to determine ovulation.

Accordingly, to calculate everything correctly, you need to know how long sperm can survive without losing its properties? Let’s take a look.

How long does sperm live inside a woman?

Sperm can stay alive in the woman body for a maximum of five days. However, its life is dependent on whether its X or Y and the vaginal fluid at that period. The male sperms are believed to be weak and smaller, which makes them swim faster than the X chromosomes. On the other hand, the X sperms and stronger and larger, but they swim slowly. Additionally, the acidity around the vagina environment is a little unfriendly to the Y sperms, hence minimizes the chances of expecting a male child. Therefore, you must ensure to get your timing right. Plus, ensure to use the most suitable positions for conceiving that will favor a boy’s sperm survival.

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Sex Positions to Conceive Baby Boys

Everyone knows how to make babies, but how to have a baby boy? How do you get pregnant with a specific gender is a mystery that most people don’t know how to solve. Although there are believes that certain positions can affect the gender, that myth is still unproven. However, people are even speculating that certain positions can increase the chances of conception a boy. Shettles method claims that deep penetrative sex gives male chromosomes increased chances of getting to the egg fast. Deep penetration allows a man to ejaculate near the cervix, hence making Y sperms to fertilize the eggs before the X sperms. Deep penetration sex increases the survival chances of the Y sperms since it’s deposited away from the unfriendly vagina conditions. Therefore, if you are considering to conceive and expect a male child, missionary position should not be part of your consideration. The best for how to get pregnant positions are doggy style, standing sex, or woman on top.

Wearing Loose Underwear

According to Angeline Beltsos MD, a board certified ob-gyn and Medical Director of the Fertility Centers of Illinois, wearing loose underwear keeps the scrotum area colder than the rest of the body. The cold temperatures increase the production of male sperms hence increase your possibilities of getting a baby boy. Additionally, if your partner wears tight boxers, the boxer makes it difficult for the Y sperms to survive in such conditions. However, tight boxers work best for X sperms, which make it easy for them to fertilize the egg first. Therefore, ensure you buy loose boxers or underpants for your partner. Additionally, keep him away from hot temperatures to help increase Y sperms production.

Change Your Diet

We are what we eat. This myth has been there for a long time. It proves that whatever you eat has a way of molding who you become. However, when it comes to having sex and making babies, your diet has a higher influence on the gender of the baby you conceive. The vaginal pH contains acidic fluids, which are very unfriendly with Y sperms. Therefore, if you can change the acidity environment, it increases the possibilities of getting pregnant with a boy. There is no better way of changing this than throw a diet change. Highly recommended foods:

  • vegetables
  • lentils
  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • nuts
  • broccoli.

Additionally, including vitamins and supplements in your diet is one more way of how to get pregnant with a boy.

According to Randine Lewis, founder of The Fertile Soul, these foods increase the secretion of a thinner cervical mucus. In return, it helps and protects the Y sperm to move at an accelerated speed to the uterus. For this reason, Dr. Shettles recommends that one partner should drink coffee before getting the business signed. Additionally, he believes that the male partner should try taking vitamin supplements CoQ10, to increase Y sperm production hence giving the male sperm a better chance to reach the egg.  When one eats more bananas, they get more potassium and sodium, which are critical in increases the chances of conception a boy Fiona Mathews says. Furthermore, reduce the intake of foods rich in calcium and processed foods to boost your chances to conceive a boy.

However, before making any changes in eating habits one should see a health care provider to find out if such a change is safe for your body.

Orgasm During Baby Making Sex

Having orgasm is an indication that you have been satisfied sexually. However, when you have an orgasm during baby making sex, your chances of getting pregnant with a boy are higher. Orgasm provides an alkaline environment that favors the survival of male sperms. The theory of Dr. Shettles, tightening of inner muscles in a woman during orgasm, it assists the Y sperm to be sucked into the cervix hence get the egg fast. Additionally, if you climax before your partner, your chances of conceiving male baby increases. On the other hand, if your partner abstains from sex at least five days before you ovulate, the male sperm production increases hence giving it an added advantage


Final words

Every married couple desires to get an opportunity to nurse and nurture their baby. Although people have respective wishes as to the gender of babies they would want in their home, trying a method or two will not hurt. However, all these myths are not scientifically proven, and they do not guarantee that you will get the gender you want. Therefore, be open and have fun as you try the above methods. Whether they provide you the results you are looking for or not, your sexual connection with your partner will improve.


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