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How to Travel With Kids and Enjoy It

Recently we’ve visited Italy. It was an incredible journey that prompted me to think about the possible difficulties that every parent might face. The truth is that every parent loves their child to the moon and back. However, traveling with kids is draining. They have low concentration and thus end up making the travel a nightmare. Even so, you need to make sure that both you and your children have as much fun during your family vacation as possible. So, here is a small travel checklist of what to do, what to pack and how to travel with your precious ones before you get to all inclusive family resorts.

Road Trips Across the Country

Traveling with children is simple and insanely interesting. But planning best road trips with kids take some time. To avoid turning the road into torment, it is necessary to think in advance about a huge variety of things that corresponds to kid friendly vacations. If it’s cross country road trip you may even use some planner.


It’s the most important of travel necessities. One small bag containing first-aid kit and personal things is essential. PJs, extra clothes in case of any spills, clothes for the next day, toothbrushes, wet wipes for easy cleanups and any other thing that will be needed for the day and night.

Surviving the ride

Carry snacks. In case the child gets to feel idle and therefore becoming troublesome during the trip, get him/her something to eat. Best foods to take with you when driving cross country are a cereal box, granola bars, fruits, pack pre-prepped veggies, cheese and crackers, and definitely sandwiches. Healthy snacks are a must have for the road trip.

Get into the back seat

If you can have a person who can drive on your behalf, jump back and make fun vacations started. Have a few tickling games and some face-to-face contact with the toddler.

Create an extra time

One needs to stops for feeding, changing diapers and stretching, a child wouldn’t be bored. It is tiresome to travel without a break. The person driving will need to stretch a little bit. Taking pictures for memories would be advised during the breaks. Of course, everyone needs to get there, but allowing kids to burn off some steam wouldn’t hurt. Just sitting there might be unbearable. This may also help the kids to have washroom breaks.


In the car, train, bus or plane you can always come up with interesting entertainment. Every age has its own preferences. What is actual for a child up to a year, clearly does not fit the 3-year-old. When our son was 1,5 years old, we drove around the USA 8000 km in 25 days. Since that moment, we have started to create a selection of not only table games, but also oral entertainment, which I want to share.

road entertaining

Where to begin? The first thing to do is to inform the child of any age how long you will spend on the road. This will set him up for a certain expectation.

  • Let the child collect his backpack with travel games
    This is a wonderful educational moment. Kids feel their importance, responsibility, and independence. Learn to plan and work in a team. This is a good experience for future trips. The best age when you can begin to participate in the collection of your backpack with games – 2,5 – 3 years. The age of the “why” is the time when the child begins to realize himself as a person. 
  • Gadgets and books
    Get the equipment on the road: a tablet, a mobile phone, a flash drive. In advance, download cartoons, children’s books, games, music, movies.
    Take with you a book-peepers – picture books without text. From one picture you can think up a lot of stories, and everyone will have this story completely different. Books develop speech, logic, attention. However, reading in a car or bus is harmful to children’s eyesight, in this case, an interesting audiobook is an excellent solution. 
  • Drawing
    An album or notepad, coloring pages, pencils, colored pens and other creative tools – take up a minimum of space in the backpack and are perfect for a train and an airplane. In a car or a bus, we always take a set for drawing with water. The kid is busy, everything around is pure – happiness to all.
  • Oral entertainment and games
    In long road gadgets, drawing, games, and toys are bored with time. The child should often switch from one type of games to another. The smaller the child, the more switching. The advantage of oral games is that they do not take up space in the backpack and do not creep away from them. They can be played using improvised means. Their number is unlimited, you can always invent something new, improvise.

Shhh, a little secret: you should start playing before the child bored and quarrels. If he raged – it will be difficult to calm.

Flying Trips

Flight with kids is a painful topic on the net. But the main rule with children works best – positive, rested and confident parents always fly with the same kids, however, this rule also works in the opposite direction. If you wonder, what can I bring on a plane for the kid, the answer is simple – everything you really need.

Travel with kids

Most airlines allow onboard children older than ten days (category newborns 0-1 month), so it all depends on the determination of the parents. But, it seems to me that the flight at this age is a necessity, not just an air travel. At the age of more than 1 month (category 1 month – 2 years), the air travel with the baby no longer has any risks and this has already been proved by the doctors. Usually, parents think that the younger the child is, the harder it is with him, in fact, everything is absolutely the opposite. Flight with a baby – it’s just a fairy tale! The child ate and fell asleep, if crying – then you need to change a diaper or feed.


  • Carry with you extra clothes in case of a spill. Familiar blankets and other comfortable items.
  • Pack each days outfit in one-gallon; shirt/pants/shoes to know how many days of clothes you have. Kids should be warmly dressed. Planes are cold and most airlines do not offer blankets to ensure they don’t shiver the whole night.
  • Stocking up baby’s favorite small toys, books, crayons, and coloring book

Security Check

  • Keep your boarding pass in your hand at all times.
  • Everyone’s shoes are to send on the scanning machine.
  • Hold your kid without any carrier as you walk through the security gate.
  • Gather your belongings on the other side as fast as possible.
  • A little jewelry is encouraged. Have only one traveling bag.

Feeding Baby On Board

  • Bring along lots of drinks, fruits, and healthy snacks.
  • Give gums to old enough kids so as to help with the air pressure changes after taking off and before landing.
  • Flying can be dehydrating for both children and adult, ensure you keep drinking throughout the flight.
  • Allowing a child to have several slow laps in the plane is also okay. Once for a while, this makes the baby happy.

Finding Romance

Vacations were once considered private affairs for you and your husband, but now you should consider the best family all inclusive resorts.  Finding some time for your spouse isn’t impossible when kids are around. Cities such as Boston and Williamsburg, Virginia in the U.S. are family friendly places as well as romantic charm, with quaint restaurants. Most of the luxury hotels there offer babysitter where you can leave your child being sure that he/she is well taken care of when you not near.

  • Find kids clubs. Children all different ages can spend morning and afternoons in camp-like places, learning to swim, taking adventure walking, playing cards with their age mates. Meanwhile, couples can take their time and go to a spa for some massage, take that walk along the shores as they watch the setting of the sun.
  • Travel in the off-season. Activities such as ice –skating during the winter season can be encouraged. Having a glass of wine with your loved one the fireplace while the kids are having fun is fun. What could be as romantic as a home rental vacation featuring Jacuzzi tubs beneath a blanket of a star?
  • Be mysterious. You don’t have to tell it all. Surprise won’t hurt.  You can be a present and surprise your significant other, then hide in his/her suitcase then he/she will discover when unpacking. Isn’t that romantic? This would be a means of enhancing the relationship despite having kids around.

Having Sex While Travelling With Kids

When you plan such a trip for the first time, you might forget to think about it and stay in “no sex vacation”. Of course, you can calm yourself down with the thought that this vacations for kids. But stop. You’re there to relax. So, be ready to use some of these:

  • Be Quiet. There is no way a couple can’t get intimate only because they have their kids with them. Being quiet would really help for babies wouldn’t get disturbed while sleeping.
  • Shower Together. Big bathrooms are a hotel bonus. So, while kids watching a favorite cartoon, you can dad soap his back.
  • Inspired by Romeo & Juliet. If you stay in the same room with kids, the balcony is often the easiest place to go without leaving the room. Just make sure you leave the door a little bit open. Plus, feeling that someone can peek or catch you increase your sensations.
  • Be Quick. Good time for quickies. Stay connected despite the limited time.
  • Send Kids on Errands. Daily or weekly you can have errands that you send kids. This will give you humble time with your lover.

Car for sex

  • Be Creative. Sex not only belongs to bed. Think outside the box, if the family was camping, therefore, kids are sleeping in a tent, parents can use their vehicle. I mean, there are no rules. That is how memories are created, especially if you are in Italy

Stay connected to your loved ones in such family vacations. Don’t treat your child as a burden he/she is a gift from God. To have an enjoyable trip you have to pay attention to specific details so as to make the child comfortable and happy throughout the trip. Trips with your kids can be rewarding and fun. So, hope that this travel checklist will make things easier for you and your spouse next time.

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