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Top 14 Ideas for Sharing a Christmas Spirit with The Family

Time is flying fast. Christmas time is here again, but your family might not be feeling its magic yet. Your kids at home for the holidays and you do not want them to get bored. Get them into the holiday spirit by establishing some traditions and activities you can all do together. These activities can be done either outdoor or indoor depending on the weather conditions in your city during this season. Below are some Christmas ideas that will help get your family into the proper mood.

  1. Watching Christmas movies for kids together

A movie marathon might just be what your family needs. Although you might have viewed these family Christmas movies a thousand times already, they will always have a way of pulling at your heartstrings. Spend lazy afternoons or evenings watching some of the Christmas movies on Netflix from the comfort of your couch. Have each member of the family choose their favorite movies to watch together. So, the list of the winners to watch altogether and get fun


If I forgot about your favorite ones, don’t be shy, write in comments what movie you think the best Christmas movies of all time.  

  2.  Throw a Christmas party

Are you holding a family holiday bash this season? Use Christmas party themes to make it more lively and memorable for your family and friends. Some of the best Christmas party ideas include matching your chosen theme with the decor, invitation cards as well as the food served. This can be a talent show where your children can show off singing, dancing, or showing karate stunts. Or, alternatively, you can arrange a costume party with a gaming challenge “Win Santa on XBox”. Just imagine how elves, pirates, and Santa playing in Mortal Kombat. Fun, isn’t it? But if you are looking for something more traditional, here some ideas for Christmas party that will remain in the minds.

Party ideas

I’m sure both adults and children will be delighted. For the adults in the family, you can enjoy happy hour while sharing Christmas cocktails and create your own party  laugh 

  3.  Decorations

Using family Christmas party themes cannot be complete without putting up The Tree. In case you aren’t holding a party, setting up a Christmas tree and decking the halls will help you get into the Christmas spirit just as well. Take your kids along while shopping for a suitable tree, lights as well as outdoor and indoor decorations.

  4.  Christmas crafts

Schools are closed, you aren’t going to work, and you have a lot of time on your hands. Keep your kids busy exploring their creativity using items you can easily find around the house. Some easy and fun DIY crafts for kids to make in less than 30 minutes include tissue paper or pine wreaths, ornaments, wood snowman, and paper Christmas trees. Some examples are here:

  5.  Christmas games

A holiday game night is a must to make the holiday complete. Christmas activities are an excellent way to spend quality time and bond with each other. Some cool Christmas games for kids and adults include Bingo, Charades, Santa limbo, and 20 questions. We simply adore Blindfold Christmas Drawings. Players should be blindfolded, and using paper plates and markers draw a picture. Everyone holds a paper plate on top of the head and tries to draw some Christmas scene onto the plate, while another person gives drawing instructions. A winner is a person with the most accurate drawing!

  6.  Christmas gifts

You don’t have to wait for the actual Christmas day to give your loved one’s unique gifts. Choose the right gift for everyone. Are you stuck on what gifts to give each member of your family? Here is a tip on Christmas gift ideas to give you the inspiration you need. The present for each person differs due to the various tastes and preferences as well as age. For instance, the Christmas gifts for dad or mom are not similar to those you would choose for your kids or siblings. But your loved ones will definitely appreciate gifts made your own hands. So, you can try to make with kids 3D Paper Cabin, I’m sure everyone will love such a present. Here is a detailed instruction.

  7.  Christmas Stories

Christmas Eve is the traditional ideal time for reading short stories. Your children will enjoy favorite books such as Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer by Rick Bunsen, The elves and the shoemaker by The Brothers Grimm and A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens. Take time together, it’s wonderful.

  8.  Making Christmas dinner and Christmas cookies

What better way is there to spend time with your family than during the fun activity of cooking Christmas dinner or designing Christmas tree-shaped cookies together? Some baking recipes are so easy even toddlers and preschoolers could help you prepare. Most kids’ favorite part about baking cookies are the stages of decorating and eating. Plus, don’t forget about hot chocolate! Nothing is tastes better than a steaming mug of chocolate on a cold winter night. The beverage is seasonal, and it won’t hurt anything for you to get yourself some as you and your family enjoy spending time together indoors.

  10.  Turn on Christmas tunes

If your family is not feeling the spirit yet, listening to Christmas music might do the trick. Download and play these sweet tunes at home or in your car. It can make all the difference. You have heard these songs since you were a child, and their familiarity and warmth will bring you into the holiday mood fast. Sing along to timeless songs like the Little drummer boy, Joy to the world, Jingle bells and O come all ye faithful.

  11.  Attend festivals

When spreading the spirit of Christmas, you should go all out and join your community in spreading this spirit. Attend the local festivals together such as the lighting of Christmas trees at the town square, church festivals, and ugly sweater parties. It will make your children feel involved in something big, grand and fill them with excitement.

  DeerFootprint12.  Making and sending Christmas cards

Holiday is not complete without cards sharing beautiful sayings and stories. Sending people Christmas card sayings that encourage them to be better and hopeful can brighten their days. Make it fun for the kids by exploiting homemade Christmas card ideas such as making fingerprint reindeer, handprint Santas, button baubles and many more. We’re going to send this year Reindeer Footprint cards, hope the result will be similar to the original. But if not, we can try something different, the benefit is that the network has a huge variety of options for DIY cards. The most important thing to make them with love, so everyone appreciates it.

    13.  Tour the neighborhood

Many houses put up Christmas lights. Most likely than not, you have a neighbor known for their bold display of Christmas decorations. It will be a fun time driving around watching the houses with over the top light displays while listening to holiday tunes. You can even make some bets on the best lighting decoration.

  14.  Ice skating

If your Christmas holiday is during the winter, it’s time to lace up your skates and go on a skating adventure together. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the same if your place experiences summer in December. You could visit the local ice rink and have just as much fun. And if the children still can’t skate, it’s time to teach them.

  15.  Charity donations

Start a Christmas with a tradition that gives back to others. Share the spirit with others by donating toys and other goodies to the disadvantaged in your community or less fortunate kids. Get your family involved with charities that help children at Christmas time. Let your children choose a donation program so that your kids can help other kids. They can also donate their used toys or those they no longer need. Doing this will be an excellent lesson at being selfless. So, here some charities for consideration:

  • Toys for Tots – you can teach your kids invaluable lessons of thankfulness, empathy, and charitable giving. Just purchase a new toy and take it to a Toys for Tots drop-off location between October and December to help for a less fortunate child. 
  •  Make-A-Wish Foundation – helps to come true the wishes of children with life-threatening diseases. All you need to do, just buy gifts for your loved ones there. They receive a beautiful gift, and a portion of the proceeds go directly back to the Foundation and help other children’s dreams come true.
  • Angel Tree – Their goal is to bring Christmas to prisoners’ children. Unfortunately, according to statistics, 75% of female prisoners are mothers. Their kids are deprived of attention. So, you can pick a child to sponsor and make your monetary donation online.

It is the perfect time to experiment you and your kids’ creative skills. It is also the best time to share the holiday cheer with your community. Make your family Christmas enjoyable for all of you by trying the above ideas. Happy holidays!

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