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Men Love Your Perfect Boobs

Our biggest dignity, leverage, and an issue at the same time. Big ones, small ones men adore them, even more than you do. It happens quite often when men are talking to a woman that their eyes drift southwards towards her chest. Traditionally, it has always been assumed that men only like women with big breasts, but this has since changed, and it is time we realized that men don’t look at our breasts the way we think they do. And no matter whether you are happy with your size and shape or not, men still like them. So let’s take a look about all that might bother you.

Perfect size

Breast shapes, as well as sizes, are a common concern for many women and they worry that they don’t possess the perfect boobs. Although every woman has them, their sizes and shapes are entirely different from one woman to the other. In a survey done on a sample of both men and women, the results indicated that they believed that the perfect breasts are a C cup. Did you know that? Are you agree? So, now many women seeking to enlarge or reduce their breast sizes requesting for a C cup.

According to research, the average bra size used to be 34B in the 1960s, but it has since risen to 36DD. Model thin women with A cup breast are no longer the majority of the population.



breast typesBoobs and personality

It’s believed that breast sizes and shape determine the owner’s personality. Truly, I was shocked that it correspondent with mine. So, women have more than 10 boob shapes including pear, lemon, mango, and apples. There are many beliefs associated with each shape and size. For instance, it is said that women with apple-shaped boobs are said to ooze happiness and are radiant while those with melon-shaped ones are very hardworking and love to socialize. For women with those shaped like a pear, ‘courageous’ should be your name. These women are passionate about things an don’t tolerate fake people. I think I should write a thorough post about it.

Breast development

Only a few words about it. First of all, your ‘funbags’ are fantastic. There are many reasons why you have the cup size you have. Breast development, also known as mammogenesis, usually begins as early as when you are eight years old.  The factors that affect your current size include; genetics, lifestyle, natural hormone level, habits, diet as well as age. If your breasts are small and you have been looking for ways of how to make your boobs bigger, then it may be time for you to identify what could be delaying their development.

Factors such as genetics might be out of your control, but you can change others such as diet and lifestyle. A balanced diet not containing much sugar promotes natural breast enlargement. Sugar usually hinders the production of estrogen which is a hormone essential for breast development.

Why do men like breasts?

Big, small, average men love all kinds of breasts. You might be asking yourself, why? They are sometimes a source of agony for us women, and we cannot wait to remove that bra at the end of the day. But for guys everything is different. And if you are wondering why do guys like boobs so much, here are some reasons:

They are feminine and sexual

Men are usually attracted to the features in a woman that is different from their own. Parts of the woman’s body such as hips, breasts and private parts are an indication of feminity. For heterosexual men, seeing a woman turns him on because she is obviously female. Men are visual creatures and are turned on by what they see. The woman’s breasts provide the visual stimulation men need for sexual arousal. Although there are many sexy women with big boobs, most men have been known to prefer women with average breast size.

We want what we don’t have

They are mysterious. As boys hit puberty, they start to notice the difference between their bodies and those of the girls. Since their boobs don’t become bigger or do all the things that the girls’ do, for instance, producing milk and bouncing during a run, they become fascinated by them from a young age.

They are a symbol of fertility

As men reach a certain age, they feel the need to procreate. Men see a woman’s breast as a sign that she can reproduce and can produce milk to feed her babies. But this process occurs on a subconscious level and they would never have sounded such an answer.

They are soft and comforting

There is no other place on a woman’s body that is as soft as the breasts. Men find this variation from their own body quite comforting and tend to love fondling and to lie on them.

Breasts are beautiful

Of course, they are beautiful. We all agree that every woman has it unique. And for men it’s always a kind of surprise, to see what kind of treasure we were awarded by nature.


exercise for breast enlargementIn pursuit of perfection

Can you change how they look? Absolutely! For those of you who are still looking to possess the most perfect breasts in the universe, there are options for how to accomplish this. However, we can’t all have perfect natural breasts hence we have to find ways to change them. In recent times women have gone to extremes to get firm, perky breasts. If you are not content with that A cup or B cup, many breast augmentation methods can help enlarge your cup size. They can either be natural or surgical.

  • Natural methods

The best methods to enlarge your breasts are the non-invasive and natural ones including Chinese medicine, herbs, exercise and even hypnosis. Try to include in your ration Chinese herbs such as Jujube, Dong Quai, Huang Qi and Gou Qi Zi, they are the most popular natural breast enlargement methods. Conduct more workouts that strengthen your chest and enlarge your breasts such as pushups and the plank walk. Exercise regularly but make sure not to overdo it. Breasts are made up of a substantial percentage of fat hence too much training will lead to tightening but reducing your breasts.

  • Surgical methods

In recent times, surgery is the most common technique to change the way your boobs look. Hundreds of women are undergoing breast augmentation surgeries, commonly referred to as ‘boob jobs.’ These involve procedures such as breast implants as well as fat transfer to increase your cup size and make them appear full. It can also be done to remove the implants or even to replace them, so it’s not an irreversible procedure. Unfortunately, these procedures can be a bit expensive, and only those with enough money can afford. Plus, to my mind, it looks unnatural and all people around realize it. But, it’s your choice.

Myths about boobs

To finish on a positive note, let’s take a look at the myths that some people believe about women’s breasts. Few of them we have heard for sure, some are new and funny. So, let’s laugh together:

  1. Women with boobs bigger than a B cup are bigger spenders

A study by Alibaba came up with this conclusion after observing the spending of money by women who have a B cup breast size and smaller against those of with bigger cup size. However, the truthfulness of this theory is yet to be quantified. But, if you’re a happy owner of this size, share how much you are profligate.

  1. Your boobs increase when you gain weight

Although it happens sometimes, this assumption should not be generalized because it is not true in all cases. For instance, for some people, the weight gained goes to other places such as the thighs and stomach. Hah, stop eating right now it won’t help you!

  1. The bigger the breasts, the higher the IQ

According to a study by the University of Chicago established that well-endowed women scored more than 10 points than their counterparts. Hence, the bigger your breasts are, the more intelligent you are unlike the previous assumptions where a woman with big boobs was thought to be dumb. I have an A cup, so I won’t be commenting laugh

  1. Having sex more often increases your breast size

Unfortunately, this widespread belief is wrong. Sex won’t give you bigger boobs. There is no proof to indicate that sex makes your boobs big, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep looking, right?

  1. Sleeping in your bra will give you bigger boobs

Sleeping with your bra won’t increase your cup size, but it sure will make sleeping uncomfortable. It’s is good to also note that sleeping with the bra on doesn’t cause breast cancer as believed traditionally.

Women underestimate the power of their breasts. Your boobs could make any heterosexual man beg for your affection. They already talk to them, instead of talking to your face. Who could blame them? A woman’s breasts are pretty. No matter the size or shape of your boobs men will love. The world would be a dull place without breasts.

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