Mothers – Entrepreneurs! How to Make Money From Home

Becoming a mom is a beautiful thing. However, not many mothers can afford the luxury to stay home with their kids, so if you are a stay at home mom (SAHM) consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, such moms are not spared from harsh opinions, with some considering them lazy or they aren’t contributing to the society.

Mothers are some of the most hardworking women out there. You have to cater to all your family needs and hardly have any time for yourself. Add on to that all those who think that yours is not a ‘real job’ because you don’t get paid. You probably had to quit your job and your family depends on only one paycheck. If you feel frustrated and not productive enough because of the pressure, you are not alone. Most of us have gone through that at some point. 

Fortunately, in this age of advanced technology and the internet, there are many opportunities for mothers to make money in the comfort of their homes. When done the right way, home-based businesses will have you earning more than you used to in your former job. So, I gathered some achievement stories to inspire you and show how to be a successful stay at home mom using the following ideas.

Use Your Skills to Make Products

Jakki Liberman - MommystipsIf you have a talent, why not make money from it? You might be good at cooking, crafting gift baskets, designing clothes/shoes, or are creative in something, you have a starting point. Research to find out some startup business ideas that require your skills and identify a gap.

Jakki Liberman, the founder of Bumkins Finer Baby Products, is one such mom who used her skills to create something that benefited her kid. She became the entrepreneur that she is today through the selling of baby items in 1989. Her baby’s skin was sensitive to the disposable diapers available at the time and had to use cloth diapers. She came up with her soft, super-absorbent cloth diapers which many of her customers loved. Jakki states that one of her biggest challenges was balancing her work and family. However, she solved this obstacle by bringing her work home and converted her garage into an office. Due to the positive reactions to her design, she expanded Bumkins products to include more baby accessories and products.

As this Jakki has proven, it all starts with an idea and a successful single mom of four. Instead of viewing becoming a stay at home mom as a death sentence, change your perception and welcome it as an opportunity to unlock your potential. It is the perfect time to let your creative streak show.

Make Money as a  Blogger 

All hail technology for making it possible to start a work from home business. Becoming a writer is an excellent way to earn money at home. All you need to do is choose a niche, something you are passionate about, and identify your target audience. Next, create a website and monetize it.

Blog topics that are particularly popular include product reviews, expert advice on subjects in which you have in-depth knowledge, and ones about your life. For instance, pick a platform such as or, read some tutorials of how to use it (it’s easy enough) and write about your journey in parenting or make cooking recipes. If I could do it, then you can do it too as well. 

You need to write about topics you fond of and have some expertize to gain your audience. It’s the hardest part. But just think what unique you can offer to readers. Your information should be interesting, engaging and useful. If you can reach all of these, it’s only a matter of time when you get your readers.

Other ways to earn money using your website is by becoming an affiliate marketer, using Google Adsense and banner ads. You can also use it to sell your products and services.

Online Stores

Selling items on online marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy along with other online platforms can be excellent home business ideas for stay at home moms. You can purchase items in bulk at a low price then sell them at a higher one. You may also have clutter that you would want to get rid off, and this would be a way to do so and get paid. Conduct market research to find out what things sell the most. You can also sell items that babies need.

Freshly Picked - Mommystips

Susan Petersen, the founder of Freshly Picked, is an example that mommy businesses can succeed. As the saying goes, ‘neccessity is the mother of invention’ she started her company when she was a SAHM with two kids. Her frustration about how poorly baby shoes were designed pushed her desire to learn how to sew and make her first leather mocassins for her son. She sold some in the Etsy shop she had established earlier selling baby blankets. Her business has since advanced into the multi-million dollar company with many retailers. Great, huh?


For many, the art of photography goes hand in hand with being a mom. You want to record every significant moment in your kid’s life. Why not turn this hobby into an income stream opportunity? You don’t need to have gone to any school to do it well, and you can learn how to be great at photography through Youtube videos and practice. You can begin by taking photos of children and families. When you master how to use your camera in manual to make editing easier, set up your lighting and edit in Lightroom and Photoshop, your work will become a lot easier.

Jessica Kettle, a wedding photographer, living in Salt Lake City, is an excellent example of successful mom entrepreneurs who make a living through photography. She discovered her passion for taking pictures when she gave birth to her first child. She decided to turn this hobby into an income opportunity. Though she used to earn only $40 per session when she started, she now shoots between 20 and 30 weddings each year with a session going for not less than $2000. A photographer’s schedule is flexible which makes it possible for you to be a great mom while still working.

Jessica Kettle photo - Mommystips

Become a Virtual Assistant

Many moms quit their jobs after getting a baby and have no idea how to be a successful entrepreneur while working from home. Well, good news, you can have a full-time or part-time job without having to leave your home. One great opportunity for women is to become a virtual assistant. These days, a lot of businesses outsource virtual assistants to help with marketing and provide administrative as well as technical support to save on money.

A VA can assist with calls, emails, and management of the calendar. The working hours are flexible. Unlike going to the office for a 9-5 workday and barely seeing your kids, you can work in your PJs and spend time with your children. Many popular moms such as Kristina Leroux and Tawnya Sutherland are successful full-time virtual assistants.

If you are looking for ideas on how to start a stay at home mom business to earn an extra income and perhaps even turn it into a long-term income opportunity, then you are in the right place. You only need to possess an entrepreneurial and creative spirit, and you can succeed. Exploit every opportunity that allows you to earn an extra income. Also, you don’t have to do everything; you can consult a babysitter agency which offers help for mommies hence freeing some more time for you. Apart from the tips discussed above, there are many other home based business ideas for moms that you can learn from reading inspirational business stories which I’m going to write for you.

Please, share what business idea you like the best via comment form. I’ll make a deeper research based on your opinion and write about it in the next articles.

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