FAQ About Pregnant Sex + Safe Positions

A miracle happened, you are pregnant! How many new questions and experiences are now in mother’s and father’s mind. And sex is one them. A woman has to endure a huge number of changes during pregnancy, and not only with the body. Frequently women’s habits change, emotional swings, absentmindedness, and morning sicknesses in varying degrees as a bonus. In addition, if a couple used to have troubles in conceiving, the question of having sex or not emerges.

So, let’s answer most common questions moms-to-be are worried about.

Can You Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Women having sex is a natural and normal part of pregnancy. Sex during the first trimester is the best because the baby bump is not as big as the second and third trimester. Most women can have sex if they want to throughout all pregnancy. Although it may be worth considering more careful, safer sex pregnancy positions without any pressure on the tummy, especially during early pregnancy. At times future dad refuses intimacy, fearing to harm his beloved or tiny thing in the tummy. Calm down husband: even doctors insist normal pregnancy proceeding should be accompanied by the regular proximity of spouses. Plus, the search for new sex positions while pregnant brings new feelings and diversity in your sex life. Your little family will only benefit from increased sexual relations and add more harmony. Remember, everything that pleases mom is beneficial for the baby.

How Is Sex Different During Pregnancy?

Frankly, it’s very individual. Some wonder how does sex feel during pregnancy? Let’s see, medically, the vascular system in future mom changes, the blood flow to the uterus and genitals increases. It makes sensations more powerful and intense. According to interrogations, women assert that during pregnancy they had brighter orgasms. But for some, everything remains the same, or they even refuse sex. But what happens to your body when you stop having sex? It’s unnatural and even harmful for your body. The main benefit is that sex during pregnancy will help the cervix becomes softer and also makes it dilate. Even pregnant masturbation is better than nothing, it is common in sexually active women and good for health.

Can Pregnancy Sex Harm Your Baby?

No, sex during pregnancy will not harm your baby. It is believed the uterus muscle alongside the amniotic sac, is strong enough to protect the baby against any harm when you have sex while pregnant. Similarly, the mucus will become thicker and that will create secondary protection in the cervix, this will also protect a fetus from infection. Having sex during pregnancy will not injure your baby if there are no issues such as preterm labor, bleeding or soreness.

Can sex during early pregnancy cause a miscarriage?

There is no connection between sex and miscarriage. It’s proved that penetrative sex during pregnancy cannot influence in any way on a miscarriage. Vast miscarriages occur due to unhealthy embryo development like the chromosomal abnormality.  And there’s nothing preggos can do with that. Orgasms cannot trigger it.

Is It Normal To Cramp After Sex?

When you change sex positions frequently, cramping after sex may occur, it is characterized by the widening of the uterus which forces your muscles and structures that support the uterus to become expanded. It may result even in abdominal pain after sex. Other common issues that can cause cramping early pregnancy symptoms include sneezing and coughing. Cramping is more common in the second trimester of pregnancy, though it is an issue that can occur at any stage.

Can Sex Induce Labor?

Myth or reality? There is no evidence that pregnant sex can cause labor. But it is possible for sex in full-term women to induce labor because sex is known to release hormone-like substances known as “Prosta-glandins” that act like drugs used in the triggering of labor. The release of these hormone-like substances causes the activities of the cervix alongside contraction that can trigger labor. So, having sex in the last few weeks of pregnancy can be an obvious solution to speeding along labor. And if you still don’t know your baby’s gender, try checking your predictor gift by looking at the Chinese gender predictor.

What are the best sex positions during


Different people prefer different types of sex. But here are the main best pregnancy sex positions that considered to be generally safe for pregnant girls include:  

Side sex positionThe side position

The side sex is actually fun sex because you can lie facing your partner and let him have his leg on top of yours, and you may also bend your knees gently to make it more comfortable. Attaining this position will allow him to penetrate at different speeds. If you ask why does sex feel good in this position? The answer is, this sex position requires much less energy, similarly, it improves the level of bonding between you and your partner especially when you are constantly gazing at each other.

Lady on the top sex positionThe lady on the top 

Not only pregnant women love this position. An advantage of this position is because the woman will dictate the pace and it is a pose that reduces pressure on the abdomen. The woman can also shift positions until she attains the most suitable one. The woman may also put her hands on the area on top of the bed to save some energy.

Bed edge sex positionBed’s edge position

Generally, it is safe to have sex on top of the bed’s edge, and it is a good position for the man to release sperm. There are numerous benefits of sperm for the pregnant woman. Researches indicated that taking sperm after oral orgasm may reduce the risks of pre-eclampsia- a condition associated with high blood pressure and high components of protein inside the urine, during pregnancy.

Rear penetration sex positionRear penetration position

Allows the pregnant woman to bend over on her hands and legs, and the man takes it slow right from behind. It is important for couples to communicate to ensure that the pregnant woman does not feel unnecessary pressure. In such a case, the rear sex position can be a great option.

Stand against a wall sex positionAgainst the wall position

Another pleasurable position that can be enjoyed during pregnancy. It should also be considered as sex after pregnancy position. To attain this position, the woman should stand against the wall with the hands against the wall and legs a little wide apart. The wall will provide sufficient support for the woman while the man maintains slow penetration.

 Cowgirl positionAnti-clockwise cowgirl position

The man lies down on his back while the pregnant woman mounts on him while she faces his toes. With this position, the woman has total control on the momentum, speed, and depth. It is a great position to achieve orgasm in little time.


Sex during pregnancy can be pleasurable especially when there is constant communication between partners. A connection now is extremely important. Spouses should ensure that both are comfortable with whatever position they attain and enjoy each other. The best sex position during pregnancy is the one that gives the woman convenience and more pleasure.


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