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Stay At Home Mom vs Working Mom: Choose Wisely

Arguments about who is better between the stay at home moms and the working moms are still ongoing with no end in sight. You will admit there are pros and cons to each decision. Many mothers nowadays are opting to be a stay at home mom instead of being working moms. Many causes drive this decision. However, make sure your choice of becoming a stay-at-home mom is for the right reasons and not for factors such as due to guilt or peer pressure. This article will weigh both sides of this to guide mothers who may be thinking of quitting that office job to become a super mom at home.

What are the pros of a stay at home mom?

For many years women who chose to become stay at homes have been judged harshly by other people and labeled lazy or unambitious. However, there are benefits associated with being a SAHM shown below.

Stronger bonds in your relationships

Taking care of your children is the most fulfilling job. You participate in your child’s daily routine, give them the personalized attention which babysitters unable to provide no matter how sweet they are. You spend more time knowing your kids better and build stronger relationships in your family. And you also take care of the kids when they are sick, know their reaction to treatment. They trust you.

Children are less likely to have behavioral issues

Working moms with no sitters have to leave their children in child care facilities. Studies indicate that kids who spend their early childhood in such facilities tend to have behavioral issues such as aggression. When you are a stay at home mom, you get the opportunity to raise your kids the right way. Teaching your child discipline starts at a young age and will have them grow up to be well-behaved responsible individuals.

No Guilt

Working moms are usually faced with the guilt of leaving their children in the care of a babysitter. There will be no more guilt for missed moments in your kid’s life because you will now be present at them. Your child will no longer feel bereaved or anxious when you need to go to work because they are sure that you will stay with them.

No deadlines, no stress

When you become a stay at home mom, you no longer have to deal with the pressure from work or have deadlines to meet. You can now give your child 100% of your attention and time without external worries. Many working moms come home from work too tired to engage in any activity with their child. Also, they may go back home too late and lack any time from their busy schedules to spend with their child.

You can work from home

There is work for stay at home moms. Some of the jobs you can do from the comfort of your home include freelance work, hosting parties, or open up a daycare for kids. There many freelance jobs that you can do at your convenience, especially – online work.
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What are the cons of being a stay at home mom?

Raising your children is much better than leaving them at a child care facility or to babysitters. However, there is a downside to it and some are explained below.

You might become depressed

A study done on working moms and stay at home moms indicates that a large percentage of SAHMs experience depression. Just think about it: you are cooped in the house all day with only the company of kids. So, may get stressed or experience mommy burnout. A decision to stay at home with children all the time can take a toll on you both mentally and physically leading to despondency due to loneliness. And you might not know how to overcome depression on your own. However, there are ways of dealing with depression such as getting out to meet other mothers, exercising and eating better.

Employment gap

If you do decide ever to re-enter the workforce, you will appear to employers as a person who gave up their career to raise your children. Also, you will compete with people who are much younger than you. Research done by Reach advisors found that 57% of moms do want to go back to their jobs later in life.

No life outside your kids

The research was done on women that spend the majority of time with kids indicate that they miss taking part in social activities they used to engage in while they were still working such as office parties and other business meetings. Taking care of the children becomes a full-time job. You forget how to interact with other adults.

Miss your paycheck

Becoming a stay at home with no part-time job leaves your family relying on only one paycheck. As a stay at home wife, you lose your financial independence. You also get stressed because you now feel like you have the sole responsibility of the children on your shoulders since you aren’t contributing financially.


Although we do love spending time with our children, the thing is that you always have a schedule for what to do at a particular time. Your life becomes routine and monotonous and that’s when boredom sets in. A friend of mine who quit her job to be a stay at home mom says that there are days she feels so useless and like was going crazy with boredom. In such days even Netflix won’t be able to get you out of your boredom probably.

The next time you find yourself asking ‘should I quit my job’ weigh all the pros and cons. Consider if you can live with that. Many millennial women are opting to be a stay at home moms. However, the debate on whether the SAHMs have an easier job over their working counterparts is not going to get an answer soon. Nonetheless, as long as each mom does their parenting job well, and looks for ways on how to be a better mom for her children, it doesn’t matter. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of parenting.


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