Being a Super Mom

Let’s begin to rock. We want to be perfect in all aspects of our lives. Ok, maybe not perfect but at least good enough. But how to be an octopus? How to be a beautiful woman, interesting for your man, with own outlook, happy, super mom, wife, and meantime enjoy your life?


Everyone at a certain moment of life begins to think about the birth of a child. Someone comes to this process naturally, someone needs more time to ripen to such a decisive step, but sooner or later most women decide to become a caring mother and bring themselves and the world happiness in the form of a new person. And most of us are trying to do everything possible and impossible to make her child the happiest, loved, developed, kind, and so on. We surround them with love and care from the first days of life. We want to give only the best, to grow a new Obama, Musk or at least a simple genius. Okay, I’m joking. But there is such a category of mothers, and their outlook also should be considered.


And here a million questions arise; what to feed, where there are more vitamins, what are essentials for a particular age, what toys to give, which are safe and which aren’t, what games to play, what develops brain activity and at what age to begin? Madness! When to start learning to walk, read, ride a bicycle, write, allow to play computer games, etc. How many questions for new mommies, especially if you decide to become the best mom ever. In addition, let’s not forget that we are still women, and we still have husbands with whom we have relationships so far. Hopefully a happy one.


It’s a hard task not to go too far with all this stuff, and in pursuit of the BEST, don’t harm the child and your family. How to become for your child a friend and adviser, an example and authority at the same time. How to be a super mom and not go insane. Is it possible? And whether it is all for the child? Do all women have the same issues and where to get mothering advice? Let’s try to answer these questions, and, perhaps, something becomes easier or clearer for you.


To be honest, with the birth of a baby I realize the relativity of experience because what is optimal for one child, can be absolutely unacceptable for another. And in fact, there is no upbringing as such, there is simply life in the family with the children. And a supermom, who rises superkids and gives mom advice for all occasions is a myth. However, I still try. Lol.


We all different, with different visions of the world, happiness, prosperity, and goals. Therefore, there is no one magic solution or answer. We are united by one great desire to know how to be a good mother, wife and a successful woman. We can try to do the maximum in our vision of correctness for the child. Helping kid to become a person is always interesting and revealing, because, as it said, children are a reflection of their parents (it isn’t always the case). However, they absorb everything that happens in the family and imitate mom’s and dad’s behavior from the first day of life. Raising children is often hard, sometimes simply impossible, you may even catch yourself on thoughts of your mental stability. But the joy that they give us will not replace anything in the world!


Living next to the children is always very interesting, although troublesome and challenging. Sometimes, you’re terribly sleepy. Sometimes you’re ready to kill everyone, especially those who dare to remind you that you planned to become the best mother in the world. But that’s never boring! Step-by-step they raise you, even without your notice, and you, in return, try to nurture them. The family is growing, and gradually we are convinced that this is not a mechanism, but an organism.


So, let’s be open-minded and share something new about the hardest job – parenting.


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