time management for moms

Time Management Tips for Moms

Mothers are often overwhelmed with responsibilities and have too little time. In strive of being ideal moms, they can rapidly burnout if they do not come to grips with priorities. But when they try to function as they used to, before the child born, the chaos hits them like a bucket of cold water. Why is time management important and what is the best advice for new mom? Let’s see. You don’t have to eat a frog every morning to be able to manage all your tasks. But you do need to work on your priorities and then tackle them one by one in an organized manner to come out smiling on top! And I know how.

Use the following time management strategies and see how your life changes

Separate Work and Motherhood Responsibilities

No matter you are a working mother or SAHM, it is imperative that you set clear boundaries between work time and family time, for everybody’s benefit. You may wish to know tips for time management. But the best secret is to leave parental responsibilities at home when you’re at work. And leave your job issues at the office as soon as you pass your home door. Nobody will tell you how to be a good mom, but clear segregation is vital for happiness for the whole family. Do not be tempted to keep checking in on the new nanny or homework tasks whilst at work, and do not keep checking work emails on your smartphone whilst bathing the baby. Give each its due attention and keep the boundaries strong.  It’s all about being present, or mindful, in whatever role you are currently in.

Make a Plan

You know if you want to get things done you have to make a list. The key is in finishing that to-do list – is planning when you’ll do it. Tips for new moms – you must have a plan! You have to decide how to cope with this complete upheaval in your life. You’re going to need a good planner. Your lists should be in one spot and then you can plan out your to-do list items. Take into account urgency, importance, time and how much energy you will have to spend. When you realistically plan your time and energy you avoid frustration and produce better results.

Employing time management plan and deductive techniques you can get the baby’s needs met, the house clean, meals provided, work done, and a workout schedule fitted in somewhere, with time-outs and fun included.

Mother's to do list

Set Priorities and Realistic Goals

How to manage your time when you have only 24 hours in the day and enough things to do to easily fill forty hours?  The most important thing to remember in time management games is to prioritize and set realistic goals. You cannot manufacture more time – you can only prioritize which tasks will be most effective in creating a nurturing family environment.

So be realistic about your expectations. Decide first what absolutely must be done in terms of importance on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and note it in your calendar or planer. Split housework equitably and do not allocate more than one hour a day for this chore – you will be amazed how quickly you can whiz through the bit that has to be cleaned today if you know it is restricted to one hour and then you are done! Break boring tasks into small bites of activities to make it less cumbersome. Cook meals in batches and freeze for days when you cannot cook.

Be sure to apply these time management tips at workplace too!

Be Organized

You must become organized, with schedules and developing specific routines so that life flows more smoothly. Think tasks ahead, avoid daily timewaster, asses your time. About an hour a day, we spend up on tasks that could be completely eliminated. Just think about it and cut those tasks off. Simply being organized can eliminate stress from forgotten meetings, school crafts, purchasing, etc. And much much more other stress traps that busy moms frequently face. When everyone in the family knows what is expected, what their responsibilities are, and what to do, there will be less bickering and burnt pots and things being left behind. In a nutshell, a proper organization and thinking ahead is one of the best time management tips.



Avoid Ineffective Multi-Tasking

Do not get sucked into the ‘Mothers – are a natural multi-taskers’ fallacy at any cost! It feels like you are multi-tasking all the time, but it leads nowhere good. One of the most effective working mom tips is to focus on one task only. In such a case, you complete it quicker, more effectively as a result boosts your productivity. Do not try to order food online whilst explaining why the sky is blue to your toddler, something is bound to go amiss. Of course, when it is appropriate you can do two things at once, such as read a good book whilst breastfeeding, or take walking exercise whilst soothing a teething baby strapped to your chest.


When you are stretched for time and short of patience, needlessly to take over tasks and do them yourself just to get it done. Delegate some of the responsibilities of maintaining a home and job and raise a family to others. And then let them do it! Do not micro-manage, no matter how different it is to what you would have done. Let kids stack the dishwasher, clean their own bathroom, make their own beds or cook some easy dishes. Promote time management for kids. It teaches work ethic, responsibility and promotes pride in oneself. Let the dad take on his fair share of cleaning and caretaking responsibilities, and supervise in helpers. Let subordinates or colleagues at work take their fair share of work to lighten your load, it will help them grow too.

Kids helping mother

Learn When to Say No

Set boundaries. Don’t pick up that monkey from someone else’s back!  Let others manage their own responsibilities themselves, no matter how tempted you are to step in. Do not get guilt-tripped into ‘doing your bit’ in supervising a school trip or organizing a church bazaar or taking the evening customer meetings your boss doesn’t feel like doing. If it is not absolutely necessary, say no. Saying no is one of the most empowering tips for working moms.

Forget About Perfection

We think about how to be a better mom all the time. But there is no such thing as a perfect mom, no matter what the internet or movies try to portray. You cannot possibly find the perfect balance between work and family, as it is not a balancing act. It is about a circular continuum, fitting in diverse tasks and responsibilities in a prioritized manner whilst creating memorable moments that delight yourself and your family and your work environment.

Don’t ever compare yourself to other moms thinking they are doing so much better, you only see the tip of the iceberg, they have the same obstacles and struggles you do. And please remember that social media is very often about window dressing, showing the best side only – like ‘Yay! We finally managed to squeeze a family outing into somewhere fun’. No one shows the struggle to find the toddler’s boots or having to make do with stale nacho chips and bottled dip for a mid-adventure snack because you were out of fruit snacks. The struggle is real, for everyone. Give up on trying to be perfect in everything you do – what you accomplish is good enough, as long as it is satisfying and fun and no-one got hurt. That makes you the best mom in the world!

Don’t Forget to Relax and Have Fun

If you give up on being perfect and having to micromanage everyone around you, it is a lot easier to be in the moment to relax and enjoy yourself. Being fully present for your child at the moment is the most crucial thing you can do for him. Attention and validation are the most precious gifts from a parent, that is what being the best mom is about. Really listening, trying to see the world through their eyes, experiencing that awe and wonder at new discoveries will fill you with gratitude and a renewed sense of enjoyment. These are the moments you remember when there are no longer little footsteps in the house.

Free time

Adult fun and relaxation are equally important to recharge those batteries. Plan a couple of hours to let loose in whichever way appeals to you. Sometimes this may mean something as simple as to play a computer game with your spouse whilst the kids are sleeping, or just sit and enjoy a glass of wine. Be prepared though for the inevitable kid interruption in the last scenario.

Burnout is a very real thing, so plan for proper breaks too, like vacations and weekends away. But keep them simple so that the trip does not stress you out more.

Make Time for Yourself

Self-care is not about fancy candles and massages. It is a vital thing for physical and emotional health, and it’s a good time management tip for moms as well. It is about prioritizing your needs. A tired, burnout, unhappy mom is no good to anyone. She can’t function at her best, often less productive and organized. This can translate into more time wasted throughout the day. Make sure that you look after your own health and happiness first, in order to be strong enough to take care of others. So get quality sleep, eat a healthy diet, sometimes indulge yourself, it’s your ‘mom time’ and you’ll be operating at your best.



The important thing is not to despair if something disrupts your plans or priorities, with kids you need to be flexible and resilient, and find a fun side to everything that can possibly go wrong.
It’s a matter of time and practice finding the right way to manage your time and energy. When you figure out something that works for your family and how much you can accomplish, they’ll take you less time to finish.


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