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10 Tricks For Fun and Happy Halloween Party with Kids

The scary and spooky tricks associated with Halloween parties prompt many parents to keep their kids out of these celebrations. However, there are a bunch of ways to ensure even the kids enjoy a magical and fun Halloween. If you are still stuck with only using the carvings of pumpkins, you are missing a lot of other fun activities that your kids can enjoy. It doesn’t matter the amount of time you have left until the D-day, the following tricks are easy to craft and will make the kids happy during this time of the year.

  1. Plan ahead of time

The success of any party depends on how you plan it. This is the second most anticipated holiday after Christmas. If you want the kids to have a happy Halloween party too, you will need to think about several aspects beforehand. The first step is for you to consider what to use as the theme of the party. The theme comes handy when choosing decorations, foods, and costumes. The most common Halloween party theme color is black and orange. You can also try something different, such as a circus or magical forest theme, as long as it creates a haunted atmosphere. With the theme in mind, set the date and venue of the party, then send funny invitations to friends. Don’t forget to include the duration for which the party will last and the preferred costumes.

  1. Decorate

Halloween Decorations

Next, you will need to set a spooky mood with handmade Halloween props and decorations all over the venue. Decorations for the party don’t have to be terrifying that the kids are left to endure nightmares after the party. There are plenty of Halloween decorations to choose from ranging from colored lights to creepy spider webs. If you’re making them yourself, ensure they are easy to make so that the kids can help out in the Halloween activities. You could cover the furniture with white sheets to create a spooky scene. Colored lights will reduce the lighting of the venue making it even more ghostly and mysterious. Hide plastic snakes, spiders, rats underneath seats, tables or bed to scare the kids. Additionally, cut ghostly silhouettes and place them inside lampshades to scare kids with spooky shadows when they turn the lights on.

  1. Play some music

There’s no better way to get the party started than by playing some eerie background music. Thus, set the atmosphere by adding some chilling music to the playlist. Select kid-friendly music that will set a spooky mood while still driving the kids to the dance floor instead of making them tremble in a corner screaming. Some of the music that will bring your Halloween party to life include The Monster Mash, Trick or Treat, Halloween Sharks, and Witch Doctor. You can get them on CD or download from Spotify.

  1. Halloween makeup

The party atmosphere will feel more haunted if you have some ghostly creatures roaming around. Turn the kids into little monsters by having them put on special makeup. Face painting is a good option. You can apply scary skull face paint, Jack Skellington Face paint, flames, sugar skull, or cat makeup. Make them look like some fuzzy characters from their favorite movies or some other animal of their desire. Avoid scary Halloween makeup ideas such as bloodied zombies. You don’t want them to have nightmares for the rest of their life.

  1. Halloween costumes

What makes a Halloween party fun is the costumes. You can put something together from a piece of clothing or go for ready-made costumes from the local craft stores. There are many types of scary Halloween costumes for kids for you to choose from. It can be a superhero costume such as Captain America or Iron Man. You could even have them wear Halloween masks or a fairy tale character costume. Whichever outfit the kids choose to wear should stand out and create a creepy atmosphere. To make it better, consider wearing cute family Halloween costumes such as those of characters from their favorite movie. 

  1. Prepare Halloween food

Halloween Food

This creepy party and candy go hand in hand. Therefore, don’t forget to have candy for Halloween desserts. Like every aspect of the Halloween party, the dishes served at the party should also be spooky and fun. The list of Halloween food ideas that brings out the chills is endless. Try googly eyes monster donuts, witch hats candy, or oreo eyeballs. However, don’t overwhelm the kids by serving scary bloody eyeballs. You can also shape snacks into scary or strange shapes.

  1. Halloween drinks

In addition to creepy foods, let the kids have fun with their favorite drinks. Throw the ordinary soda bottle or glasses away. Have mysterious-looking bottles replace the glasses. Offer the kids creepy colored shakes, cocktail, slime, fog, swampy water, and all sorts of healthy concoctions you can think of. You could also make it more fun and fizzy by adding some eyeballs or creepy gummy worms in the drinks.

  1. Crack some Halloween jokes

This party is not complete without spooky jokes. They keep the kids on their toes and laughing throughout the party. It can be a question and answer session that relates to Halloween-inspired characters such as witches, ghosts, werewolves, or vampires. The kids will be squealing with laughter at the jokes. Prepare some jokes beforehand. 

  1. Play some family Halloween movies

Halloween Movies ForKids

If you want the kids to explore the full potential of the party, look for kids Halloween movies. You can put on some of them on Netflix. Although they will have different preferences, you have to ensure all of them are having a great time. For those of them not running around or playing trick-or-treat, kids friendly but spooky Halloween movies on Netflix bring some excitement. Netflix has plenty of scary movies that are suitable for kids of all ages. Some of the top movies include Super Monster, Igor, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. Bring along some popcorn.

  1. Halloween games

Aside from movies, you can plan Halloween games for kids. Games can be homemade, purchased, or in the form of activities. They give the party life and fun. Look for spooky game ideas that will keep the kids active. Some popular games include Web Weaving Game, Pumpkin Bowling, dance contests, and Halloween candy jar guessing game. These games will keep the kids giggling and happy.

Final words

Spending time with family and children will definitely strengthen your relationship. Now you know how you can turn this party into a fun experience for your little monsters.  They shouldn’t stay on the sidelines when it comes to marking this dazzling celebration anymore. With a bit of creativity, you can throw a seriously spooky party that kids will remember and look forward to each year.

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