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What Work from Home Jobs Amazon Offers This Spring?

Leaving your little one with a babysitter or at a daycare every morning to run to work is a moment no mother looks forward to. A work from home job is the perfect solution and income opportunity for those who need to stay at home to take care of their loved one. Especially for stay at home moms or people who do not enjoy commuting each day to work. There is a variety of work from home companies which offer such an opportunity. Let’s look closer to Amazon, with 3000 vacancies where you can send in your application this spring. The work from home jobs Amazon offers are among the best. It has expanded its work at home operations just recently which is focusing mostly on customer support. However, there is enough work for you, if you apply.

Amazon virtual jobs have seen more than 30,000 people employed by the giant website. It has many sites within the US, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

Work from home jobs are advantageous because you do not have to commute and can spend more time with your child hence strengthening your bond. Here is the full guide on how to apply for Amazon jobs work from home, the qualifications, the available positions and the benefits the company offers.

Amazon At Home Jobs

This organization provides numerous online opportunities such as work from home data entry and virtual call center jobs in three fronts:

  • home call center agents
  • call center managers
  • human resource professionals

These positions require you to work either full time, part-time or hourly. Amazon online jobs need you to have little to no experience. The interested applicant is supposed to reside within specified states. You search ‘Amazon seasonal jobs near me,’ or if you are in Arizona ‘Amazon work from home jobs AZ’ and you will view the many vacancies you can apply for in your area. At times there are offers for on-site paid training at the specified location. Amazon jobs do not have high qualifications and you can qualify for one even when you have just a high school diploma.


How to apply for work from home jobs at Amazon

  1. To apply for Amazon work from home jobs, you log-in on the Amazon jobs website. Job postings there are divided depending on the number of hours you wish to dedicate to the job. You can choose an hourly or fulltime job. In addition, postings are split into the nature of the work you want to undertake. Like, remote customer service jobs, customer service manager or human resource jobs.
  2. You are then required to go through the pre-hire assessment, and criminal background check. The last step is to participate in on-site paid training.
  3. Customer service jobs at Amazon are usually seasonal jobs which are an excellent opportunity at entry level. However, if you have ever qualified for a seasonal job, you can later submit your application for a regular role and have high chances of qualifying.
  4. As a mother, you must prove to Amazon that you have a home working area that is free from any distractions. Amazon requires you not to provide any child-care during the scheduled working hours. This ensures that you provide undivided attention to the work at hand. You need to have a fast internet connection and a phone to make your work easier.

If you are a mother and you are wondering if this can work for you – yes! It is possible. All you need to do is co-parent or find a relative who enjoys kids’ company and baby-sits your child as you work on this rare opportunity to balance your work and life. amazon part time jobs

Benefits that are offered by Amazon

As a stay at home mom, there are endless benefits you will get from working with Amazon. Not only will you enjoy spending time with your children but you will be earning a good income without having to leave your house. Other benefits Amazon offers include:

  • Virtual customer service jobs are paid $15 per hour and are required to work for 20-29 hours a week. Depending on your performance, you are eligible to enjoy bonuses and incentives. These jobs need flexibility because hours may vary and include shifts of working during the day, afternoon, evenings, weekends or even over time.
  • Overtime pay is available for all for up to 60 hours. Those employees who have worked for more than 90 days are eligible to enjoy healthcare benefits. Moreover, working for Amazon enables you to enjoy employee discount and also receive benefits such as a retirement plan and paid time off.
  • For salaried positions, such as customer service manager and human resource jobs, your pay will be based on the level of your expertise.

The Amazon jobs from home have flexible working hours, and you can choose those when your children are usually asleep. Or opt for a schedule that gives you room to pick your children from school without compromising your working hours. You can work in many different areas of the business and get to help many customers too.


Amazon home jobs are a fantastic opportunity that will help you build relationships with people all around the globe. You can be a part of an incredible team while at the comfort of your home environment. The company provides you with great deals and the resources needed for comfortable work. You can manage your life as well as your work.

The company offers you reasonable compensation and a great working atmosphere. Amazon part time jobs give you a chance to make a career without being overly demanding on your time. It is super easy since you don’t need to seek approval for the decisions you make because there is no face-to-face interaction. Amazon is offering to hire 3,000 new remote employees across specific locations for customer service positions this spring. If you are a stay at home mom, who would like to earn some money while at the comfort of your home, then Amazon is the place you should start.

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